Sunday, December 30, 2007

nicely put...

taken (without permission) from, written by the said name below.

wonderful article.

A nation of cowards, a nation of fools

Posted by Raja Petra
Sunday, 30 December 2007

In all that has happened in our streets recently, and in the subsequent actions and statements of the Government and its officials, we can safely say that we are not prepared to engage in open debate about the problems that the people of this Nation are facing.

The calls for stability and moderation masks our fear to face homegrown problems with the maturity that a Nation of 50 years should possess. Instead we are more than happy to continue with our daily lives and push the problems to an indeterminate date in the future. Meanwhile the Government tries to window-dress the impact of the issues by throwing crumbs and making unofficial concessions in the hope of cooling frayed tempers down.

Cowards all of us, for being so willing to let our problems continue unsolved, so that they may one day be unceremoniously dumped on the laps of our children.

Each time we see a child, lets remember that we are the gutless wonders that hide our fears behind catch all phrases like "racial unity" and " public safety".

We are fools, because we believe that peace lies in the words of leaders and in the gavels of Judges.

Peace lies in concrete and long term solutions to the many ills that plague us, the greatest of which is our habit of choosing Leaders not based upon his intelligence ( Brain ) or courage ( Heart ) but rather by the colour of his skin.

We are the only Nation on this planet that values the dermis as a greater creation than the contents of the cranial and cardiac cavities, and they might as well be empty in our leaders and in all of us, for we use them but sparingly. Cheers and have a Happy New Year.

Jeevindra Kumar

Saturday, December 29, 2007

who am i kiddin'?

what attracts a woman's attention?


what turns a woman on?


what keeps a relationship going?


enough said. fuck being a gentleman.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

if you could read my'll read..........

Happy Ending

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

Wake up in the morning, stumble on my life
Can't get no love without sacrifice
If anything should happen, I guess I wish you well
A little bit of heaven, but a little bit of hell

This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more
I feel as if I feel as if I'm wasted
And I'm wastin' everyday

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

2 o'clock in the morning, something's on my mind
Can't get no rest; keep walkin' around
If I pretend that nothin' ever went wrong, I can get to my sleep
I can think that we just carried on

This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope, or love, or glory
Happy endings gone forever more
I feel as if I feel as if I'm wasted
And I'm wastin' everyday

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love,
Like it's forever.
Then live the rest of our life,
But not together.

A Little bit of love, little bit of love
Little bit of love, little bit of love

I feel as if I feel as if I'm wasted
And I'm wastin' everyday

This is the way you left me,
I'm not pretending.
No hope, no love, no glory,
No Happy Ending.
This is the way that we love
Like it's forever.
To live the rest of our life,
But not together.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

santa aint coming

merry x'mas to all christians....protestants....catholics..........okok...whoever accepts the holy bible as their divine guidance.

and merry nothing to all atheists.

and happy dong zhi to all chinese.


to all of my friends, cyber-friends, blogger friends, readers.........i wish you all health and happiness. this world could do with more loving....caring....and giving....

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

between right and wrong

it's been a while since i last felt loved. well, to be really honest by her own admission, i wonder if that was really love...ok. assuming the latter is actually true, i've lived for 26 years as a good man, and not known love and not loved. how tragically pathetic is that?

i felt love in its physical form, i especially miss her cuddling up to me while she sleeps. i especially miss having my arm that pillowed her head while she rests. i especially miss how she snuggles onto my chest after we've made love.

kids are brought up with the notion that being 'right' means getting rewards..and being 'wrong' means getting punished. religions instil the idea of heaven and hell....and the only admission into heaven is by being 'good', which also means you have no choice but be a person that does only the right things, otherwise you're heading to hell.

i dun commit myself to any religion. however, i am not an atheist. i just find that religions are man-made, ergo they are not perfect. i want a religion that's perfect, because i think god is perfect. well, almost every religion says that if you are not a believer of theirs, you're going to hell. well, looks like i am heading to hell. i better start liking sauna.

my point is this. this world that we live in is complex, is sophisticated, is full of crap. right and wrong is never a your choice to make. even if you could, a 'right' decision is never always right.

in reality, there is no right or wrong.......there is only 'should' or 'should not'. even in a relationship, this takes precedence over 'right' or 'wrong'.

here lies my biggest mistake. i made all the 'right' decisions.

q: is 100% commitment to your gf right or wrong?
a: yes...its right. so i did.
reality: you should not commit 100% because you need to have something left for yourself to fall back to.

q: is loving your gf more right or wrong?
a: yes...its the right thing to do, because i love her...and i expect to give nothing less. so i did.
reality: you should not love her more than you love yourself.

look who's laughing now?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i weep for malaysia....

whatever they say is law with no grounds for debates and discussions. laws are changed to suit to their likings. goalpost can be shifted to accomodate whatever they desired. where is the democracy in parliament? who are your MPs? Member of Parliament.........ARE SUPPOSE TO BRING THE VOICE OF THE PUBLIC INTO THE PARLIAMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no word in any vocabulary that can accurately express my utter disgust, my frustration, my loathe, my disappointment................

what happened, is happening, and will continue to happen in our parliament if you people still vote for them currs, is despicable. it belittles the whole idea of democracy. it's completely appalling. it holds the intelligence of the people in contempt.

my dear dear your eyes. the power to CHANGE malaysia for the better lies in your hands..........

below is an article taken from , it is self explanatory.

12/12: Article 114 amended, Opposition MPs stage walkout

Category: News
Posted by: raja petra
B. Suresh Ram
The Sun

The Dewan Rakyat approved by a two thirds majority a bill to amend Article 114 of the Federal Constitution today.

Opposition MPs from the DAP and PAS walked out of the august house in protest over the bill as well as the move by the government to arrest Coalition for Free and Fair Elections (Bersih) activists.

A total of 16 Opposition MPs out of the 19 present walked out. Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail (PKR-Permatang Pauh), who was not present, later said she was stuck in a traffic jam and supported the move and would have walked out if she was present.

The two other MPs absent were Ismail Noh (PAS-Pasir Mas) and Abdul Fatah Harun (PAS-Rantau Panjang).

The protesting MPs led by Parliamentary Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang walked out before the reply by Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz and the votes on the amendment were taken.

BN Chief Whip and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak was present.

Lim, flanked by Opposition MPs and speaking to reporters in Parliament Lobby, said they walked out in protest of the amendment which "sees no significant reform on the electoral process in the country as well as over the arrest of more than 20 Bersih activists, particularly those arrested on the steps of Parliament".
He described the incident as not only the contempt of the police on the MPs but also on the Dewan Rakyat.

Salahuddin Ayub (PAS-Kubang Kerian) said the police action on the activists on the steps of Parliament should not have happened.

"Datuk Mustafa Ali did not take part in the Bersih gathering. He was invited by me to attend Parliament to witness the Constitutional amendment proceedings. We walked out to show that Parliament had lost its integrity,” said Salahuddin.

In a divisional vote adopted by the house after a day-long debate saw the motion to amend the Federal Constitution carried by a two-thirds majority.

The first round of voting at the policy stage saw 189 voting in favour, including sole Independent Sandakan MP Chong Hon Min. There was no vote against the bill due to the walkout.

A similar figure was carried at the policy stage, before the amendment was given a third reading and passed.

The amendment to Article 114 of the Federal Constitution was to increase the retirement age of the seven members of the Malaysian Election Commission from the current 65 to 66.

Monday, December 3, 2007

sharin and reventón..........gorgeous!

well, unfortunately sharin didn’t win the prestigious female magazine most gorgeous person title. sharin, you’re always gorgeous. i am surrounded by absolutely gorgeous people, what a blessing!

ok, reckon the organiser should create an award just for me. as i embarked on a 5 hours drive across treacherous terrains, laden with vile beasts from the abyss, just to attend the party! ahha......beat that!

crowd was great. i truly enjoyed the ambience.unlike any typical ah-beng ah-lian infested party scene. it was already 1030pm the time i got there. complimentary ticket says that winners would be crowned at 1100pm, so i gotta be quick. well, actually i was more like reluctant to pay the after 1100pm cover charge.

zouk kl.....

the top 10 were already parading on stage. i made my way to the bar to get my free drink (yeah....)....not knowing what drinks they offer (for free), even if they did tell, i wouldn’t know jack what goes into the drink/ i acted cool, handed him a coupon, and said...”gimme anything...” . the bartender must’ve thought i was getting laid that night, and subsequently handed me a plastic cup with redbull and a shot. niiice.

i’m sure half of the population of beautiful people in kl were there! i felt outta place. i am cool, not hot.

when they crowned the most gorgeous guy to this overly shy hunk peter, i realised there was a bunch of gays just staring at him. just like how i would have my eyes glued to the image of marion caunter, or belinda chee, or jamie yeo, or lamborghini reventon. aaaahh.......imagine a lamborghini reventon in my possession.......

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


the bustling bordertown of danok, also very well known as the red light capital of the region. almost everything in this town evolves around the notorious sex industry, cartering to the type of crowd danok attracts by the thousands. scores of cheap hotel rooms, food stalls, karaoke joints, discos, pubs, no-frills brothels (or like i call them - fuck joints) mushrooming all over danok.

yes, i was there over the weekend. i will not lie to you that i was there primarily to witness for myself, how happening danok is. but, two other reasons that brought me there for a holiday was because i needed a break, and also for the loi krathong festival.

we left gurun at about 630pm 24th November 07. reached the immigration counters to enter thailand at about 730pm (630pm thailand time). the well lit building on the left of the picture is the landmark of danok, i think its called oscar hotel. queuing up for passport stamping was a pain, the weekend crowd was huge!

red light district is to the left, and shopping and less provocative pubs to the right.

this is the main road. drive straight up for 50km, and you'll reach hatyai. most of the guys will start behaving weirdly from this point onwards, for this is the zone where the thinking and reasoning shifts from your larger head to your smaller head.

loi krathong festival. almost every other stall in danok (i'm sure its the same all around thailand) was selling these 'lanterns'. basically they are decorated floats with some joss sticks or candle in the middle. a devotee has to make a prayer, place some nail clippings or hair on the lantern, and release it into a river, or lake. and your bad luck will sail away with the lantern, or so they say.

as i was dining and walking around danok, fireworks were set everywhere! a lot of girls wore the traditional siamese costume and walked the streets in it. not bad for visitor.

food was everywhere!!! thailand mah. the bottom pic shows bottom-side-up horseshoe-crabs. these are then steamed, the top shell is pried open to expose its roes beneath the shell. only the roes are taken and served thai-style. rm18 per pop.

*only non-provocative photos are shown*

the above pictures show the red light district. most of the girls you see walking on the street are pros. discos and pubs and brothels sit on both sides of the streets.

we went in this club called "new sha-la-la". apparently a new joint with some of the hottest girls in town. smack in the middle of the floor stands a giant 2-tier lotus-shaped center stage. i do not have to elaborate on the photos, but i could totally see their nipples thru the sheer lingeries.

picture shows two couples performing erotic dance moves. yeah, can totally see the girls' nipples sticking thru the unpadded bikini also.

5 large bottles of heineken = rm75

after downing the 5 bottles, we proceeded to this club called "spiders". now.....this is what really defines a strip club loh! up to 20 girls would start dancing on the stage with clothes on, and end up with none. can totally see their pet-pet also. no photos i'm sorry. but i hate this place lor, every single thing you do, there'll be somebody there asking for tips. i went pee also got 2 guys came up behind me to "massage" my shoulders and arms. wanna pee also cannot loh.

2 large bottles of heineken = rm25

then the last outlet we went was a karaoke bar. no hanky panky stuff happening in the open here. so, this was relatively the most decent of all the joints that i visited that night. however, the gro(s) and mamasans here are super drinkers! i personally gulped down close to 5 large bottles here alone, and was just only one more from total-lost. cheapest beer here, but you need to pay generous tips when your girl sings on stage.

5+1 large bottles of heineken = rm50 or 60... ( i was very tipsy already)

my karaoke session ended at 1am malaysian time (12midnite thailand). i had to pretend i was a goner to escape from paying more yian wang tips to the girls, as they thought they could make a water-fish outta me before i get totally drunk. strategy worked perfectly. but man did i struggle to make my way back to my bunk!

the morning view. this pub sits right across the entrance of the hotel i stayed. oh yeah, the hotel i stayed in was PJ hotel. 5-star danok standard, 2-star international. normal rate rm55/deluxe room. rm20 surcharge for peak season. in-house 24hrs porn channels. no condoms provided. :P

had a quick breakfast. and can see girls returning 'home' from bookings. honestly, many are hotties and cuties, i truly empathize their hardship. as many i learnt, came from really poor families and they just want to bring home more money.

massage. now, there are two kinds of massage services here. simply, one healthy, another indecent.

we went to this decent one (of coz), not too far away from our hotel. the rates are rm12/hour. fucking cheap lor. i didnt get myself massaged, as i am super-ticklish one. i remember i almost kicked my then gf off the bed when she attempted to massage me! i was curious to know how the process goes like, so i stayed in the massage chamber for the whole two hours the massage lasted for. yeah, this was the non-oily massage if you wanna know.

you can come here and enjoy massage with a group of friends one, very interesting one. different chamber sizes to fit the size of your group. i'm all in next round, who wants to join me?

then came lunch. this was the highlight of the whole trip! (no..not strippers).

there is this restaurant called "water view". it has little individual attap-roof huts around the edge of a lake. and the view here is very nice. no, its no swiss alps, but worked just fine for me!

service was very very good. the waitors were very attentive, and helpful too. one interesting aspect of this restaurant is that, the food is sent to your hut by boat! motorboat lar..but still its special right? the food was excellent!! we spent a good 2 hours here. i must say, if you visit danok, this place must be on your itinerary.

crossed the border to malaysia at around 4pm malaysian time. reached 'home' at about 5pm. a great weekend it was. and i must tell this to everyone, despite its notorious reputation as a sex capital, it doesnt mean that everyone is here just for sex.

i stepped into danok defensively, nobody came in contact with my schlong but me, and i left a very happy (and clean) tourist!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i am a millionaire!!

From: MasterCard/Microsoft International Jackpot® (

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gee......i never thought becoming a millionaire is so easy! i need a butler...NOW!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The People’s Parliament

You pay taxes all these years (that’s true even if/when you are not working, because all goods and services you consume- unless smuggled - are taxed) and therefore you deserve a better country.

You deserve the rights, freedom and dignity as a human being.

You deserve a legitimate, responsive and competent government.

You deserve a political system that is not rotten, where judges and ballots are not for sale.

You deserve electoral reforms.

You must register your desire for a better Malaysia so that the Government know you mean business.

You can do so in any creative way, but two things are vital.
You must do it in public. You must document it in images, words or both.

Therefore, eating a banana alone at home and complaining is not political. Getting 20 friends eating bananas at a bus station and chanting BERSIH for one minute, and having this photographed and blogged, will be very political, and for those of you who are worried, safe. Forwarding this message and inviting more friends to join this cause will also be political and safe.

You can change Malaysia in your very own way. No effort is too small if you mean it. All Malaysians, including the future generations, will one day thank you for that.

Do something. You deserve a better country. And the country deserves and needs an empowered citizen in you.

Excerpt from

Thursday, November 22, 2007

november rain

this chick hot?? hot leh......... her name is sharin shaik. she's from sabah. and she's a good friend of mine!! 'female magazine' is having this thing called '50 most gorgeous people', and guess who is running for a spot as the most gorgeous person in malaysia?! **winner gets rm1billion ringgit and 2 ferraris, of which sharin will happily oblige to share it with the person that voted for her the most, if she wins it! so...quickly drop whatever it is that you are doing, and go vote for this beautiful sharin!!!

1. Online-- Go to
http://www.fem ain.asp

a nd vote for number 37!It's free..

2. SMS:
FM 50G<> SHARIN SHAIK<> NRIC<> 37<>SLOGAN (as in why you think she should
win) : send to 33668 (rm1.00 per vote)

3. Magazine: Buy the mag, vote for her in
the form and send it back!

falling sick sure sucks. what sucks even more is how it multiplies the feeling of loneliness by a million times. *recalling the days when i would never leave her alone whenever she was sick.

bought this nice little phone on monday.

a sony ericsson w700i!

costs me rm660. the girl that sold me this phone was quite a looker. but not quite as hot as the voluptuous d-cupper 2 stalls away. (i reiterate: boobs are not all that matters)

this is a wonderful phone. to me, its a perfect compromise of all that i could ask for in one phone. the only significant attribute that it lacks is that it is not packaged with 3G capability. but honestly, how many people are using 3G anyway?

heading to the thai border at bukit kayu hitam this weekend to get intoxicated (by alcohol, not sexually-transmitted-diseases!). that place being notorious for its gro(s), being attended (swarmed) by gros is inevitable, but thats only as far as i would go. really!

oh yeah......still stuck in gurun.....dang

Saturday, November 10, 2007

time for change

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

(V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)

Saturday, November 3, 2007 two doggies

my bitch at the top. the prick at the bottom. both are named doggy. coz i dont think "barbie" would be an appropriate name for my black bitch. quite obviously she's a mutt. her favorite food are canned dog food (beef), and raw egg. but she gets excited over durians, bones of all sorts, milk, and stuff. her hobby is catching mice. she hates water. she is petrified of fireworks.

doggy (bottom pic) has tried to hump everything that moves, not that actively pursuing that hobby anymore. that pretty much sums up everything about him. :P

Monday, October 29, 2007

finally...some pictures horribly posted.....

this is the view from my office window. the building in the foreground is a pain. gunung jerai sits firmly (thank god) at the background. if my memory serves me correctly...gunung jerai is about a third of genting's height.

ok, can you see the waterfall? smack in the center of the picture, right below the clouds.

there you go, i drew a sperm to help lead the way. :P

not much rain on the mountain, so the waterfall is quite gentle.

hahahahahaa........this damn post is fucking embarassing! it clearly shows my level of competency in blogging/photo editing/blog space management. hahahahahaa....... i am a stillborn* (not even a toddler) in blogging in comparison to mishaparis.

p/s: belinda chee is such a hottie!! and i think she hosts quickie pretty well too! don't you think?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

the deepest indeed......

I would have given you all of my heart
but there's someone who's torn it apart
and she's taking almost all that I've got
but if you want, I'll try to love again
baby I'll try to love again but I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby I know
The first cut is the deepest
'cause when it comes to being lucky she's cursed
when it comes to lovin' me she's worse
but when it comes to being loved she's first
that's how I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby I know
The first cut is the deepest

I still want you by my side
just to help me dry the tears that I've cried
cause I'm sure gonna give you a try
and if you want, I'll try to love again
but baby, I'll try to love again, but I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby I know
The first cut is the deepest

'Cause when it comes to being lucky she's cursed
when it comes to lovin' me she's worse
but when it comes to being loved she's first
that's how I know

The first cut is the deepest, baby I know
The first cut is the deepest

Cat Stevens The First Cut Is The Deepest lyrics

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

more than meets the eyes

i just found out there is a basement (LG) level in pasaraya anika!!!! you can buy foodstuff and shampoos and insect repellent there!!!!! i feel like indiana jones!!! i was bitching so much about pasaraya anika that i didnt realise that jumped into conclusion too early. i extend my apologies to pasaraya anika. coming to pasaraya anika i heard?

this sunday is d-day. i am going to embark on my first ever jungle trekking!!! you see, gurun is at the foothill of gunung jerai. there is this huge waterfall smack in the middle of the hill, or should i say halfway up the hill. i reckon the vertical drop of the waterfall is at least 50m!!! it looks magnificent! usually its a gentle stream coming to the edge. however, it turns into a morbid beast after a heavy downpour on the hill!!! i would wait for the chance to capture it on photo, and post it., everytime i see the waterwall, i feel the attraction to it. something inside my head tells me..."you must trek the path to the waterfall".....either i am getting schizophrenic, or my adventure-cells are running on over-drive.

i promise i promise photos in the next entry. from afar, it looks like a good 2-3 hours journey along the river up to the waterfall. we've decided to take the river path than the trekkers' path, but things could change if we have some last minute hesitation. my walking gear is my loyal newbalance sneakers, my leather mid-cut boots have seen better days. i shall stock my backpack with lotsa energy snacks and water. i shall protect my torso with my everlasting timberland all weather jacket that has an attached hood, which would be very handy as the weather is susceptible to drastic changes within a matter of hours. long cargo pants tucked inside my socks, to prevent the nasty leeches from meeting their larger and nastier counterpart inside my pants. compass, swiss army knife, parang, some basic survival kit. ok.......i'm all set for this sunday then!!! we leave 7am.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

back to civilization

it feels so nice to be back in civilization!!! i am saturated with all the glam and life after being drained and deprived of it for months!!! 4 days in kl...back in my own room, my home, my friends, my kuala lumpur..............its back to gurun again tmrw night. sigh.....

you see, lemme describe this little town of gurun, it is situated at the foothill of gunung jerai, the length of the town is as long as midvalley...end to end. it has no kfc, no mcd's, no 7-11!!! and why is it that i crave for kfc whenever i am in a place where its hard to come by? oh yeah, talking about fried chicken, klg aka the kfc spoof (pauline and i still insist that it is abbreviation for 'kentucky fried ghicken') runs the largest fast food outlet here. to tell you the truth, i have yet to see a single patron walked in that outlet over the past two weeks! this klg, i've tried it, yes, but it's outta curiosity a few years ago that i put a piece of their product into my mouth. verdict is, i'd rather eat cardboard. if i'm a chicken, i wanna die a kfc chicken and not a ghicken. there is virtually no nightlife in gurun, you crave for something to eat in the middle of the night, you freaking stay home and cook yourself a bowl a maggi. apart from tuesday & thursday badminton night, options for night activities are 1) spectate or join (oh please) aunties & uncles karaoke session 2) watch free tv (no astro mah) 3) sleep. the largest local mall is called anika mall. it has 10 karaoke cubicles, a video game corner, popular bookstore, 2 convenience shops, a couple of kedai kain, 3 handphone stalls, a video shop, 5 herbs and aphrodisiac stalls, and a nasi kandar shop. it takes a mere 3 minutes at walking pace to complete a round within the shopping podium. have you guys realised that when it comes to herbs, its always about sexual enhancement? i wonder.....

why am i in gurun you ask? lemme explain.

i was based in the project base office in bukit mertajam since april this year, my job was to develop a master construction programme for the package stretching from bukit mertajam to sungai petani, consisting of 11 bridges for traffic, 2 rail-bridges over rivers, several ktmb offices, quarters, stations, and misc structures, and most importantly 36.4km of electrified twin-railtracks. in the process of doing the planning, i had to explore the project site. basically, its a replacement of the old track with a pair of new ones, so i can get a pretty accurate picture of what are the problems-options i have by walking the existing track by foot. most of the alignment goes thru secondary jungles, luckily so far we havent had any encounters with dangerous wild life.
so now, the package for alor star to perlis is gonna be up and running soon, and they need somebody to do the exact same thing that i did for bm-sp. however, the main northern office where i will be working in is still under heavy renovation, so....i sit in gurun while waiting for my office to be done up for me. planning will have to be followed up by, subbies, if you are reading this, i am going to be all over your back pushing for progress real soon, you get me?!

when you are involved in construction, you get to know alot of dodgy dealings involving illegal transfer of money. its really appalling i tell you. some things are not that convenient to be discussed here, lest i wanna put my career in jeopardy. but there is a reason why the projects in malaysia are so expensive. go figure.

the greatest satisfaction (non-sexual that is) i can attain from my work is, seeing a structure/building that is drawn on a piece of paper, becomes a reality. it is orgasmic. i had a walk in kl pavilion today, the feeling of pride that was raging inside me was so overwhelming! i'd spent 2 years of my life, toiled in dirt and concrete and giant machines, constructing the foundation that the apparent structure sits firmly on. the very very first permanent structure of the whole mammoth project is diaphragm wall panel #23, facing directly to westin hotel. now looking at the magnificent building, reading rave reviews by patrons and all, i am saturated in orgasmic pride all over again! the next session of career orgasm that is going to throw me into a semi-permanent high is going to be the opening of the kl-putrajaya highway. again, i was in charge of the foundation aspect of the highway (sri petaling to technology park malaysia) and eventually the superstructure of the main viaduct (whatever you see of the elevated highway when you travel on the ground). i spent two years there as well. :)

some other projects of that i was involved in are pj 32 square and suria stonor condo. nothing spectacular about those two projects. :P

my current project is going to take up at least 5 years of my life. that means i will be 31 when this project is completed. already considering a move (after this project) for a very senior position elsewhere. my company actually pays me pretty ok, alot of things are well taken care of. but nothing beats the esos (employees share option scheme) thingy that my company offers me. in a brief, i stand a favorable chance to pocket an obscene (relatively) amount of money from just trading company shares. of coz the actual exercise is a bit more complicated than that lar. hehehe..... so, plans are being made to purchase a nice comfy condo somewhere in subang jaya (near subang parade) in the near future. looking for hot single chicks for housemates...anyone?

hey...i am divulging alot of my personal financial plans here!! ceh....what the heck?

el regina invited me to her open house on the first day of raya. she is one of the most attractive and intelligent and friendly girls i know. she's such a darling, there's always a smile on her face that makes you wanna pinch her cheeks. hahahaa... 10-15 of us crowded her place eating beautifully cooked juadah and dug our fingers into jars of delicacies her always hospitable mom made. for the uninitiated, el regina is one of the four official darlings of malaysia that won gold in sukom 98 for making spectators flinch. hahahaha

hey, thank you angel, thank you jadey, thank you cheesecakeerian, thank you ah bear, thank you yc, thank you all for taking time out for visit and drop comments on my blog. :) it makes blogging so much fun-ner. i reiterate that my 'blog' is more like an avenue for me to test and try my writing, to improve on my english, to expand my vocab. but when i get some readers actually reading what i wrote....its really really great! so, thank you guys!! so, starbucks (my treat) for my dear readers whenever there's a chance. (:

Saturday, October 13, 2007

what else can i say?


'Equality before the law is a universal concept, and the government should give priority in seeing that every Malaysian, irrespective of race, has a place under the Malaysian sun.'

MR KARPAL SINGH, national chairman of the opposition Democratic Action Party"

yay opposition!!! vote for democracy!!!

where does the integrity lie in ACA when it has cleared so many famously corrupt politicians from charges? 

can you trust a cop to tell the truth when you know for a fact that their integrity can be bought with kopi-duit over a wound-down window?

how to believe anti-graft vows made by a politician when you know for a fact that he himself is the biggest crook of all?

when the institution of judiciary is proven to be as notorious as the criminal organizations they put behind bars..........

what else can i say?

Friday, October 5, 2007

gramps is gone..

gramps left us yesternite (5/10/07)....... i will be leaving for KL this afternoon.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

to my grampa

gramps was sent to the hospice a week ago. he was in a bad shape, and needed professional help. but things arent looking good. visited him yesterday with my mom. he was still conscious. his eyes were still very much alive. he recognized mom. but he struggled to recall me. mom visited him today. there were only blank stares....almost lifeless. he has got viral infection, bedsores, refuses food. 

it is imminent we were told. he is in his late eighties. i love my gramps. 

he always treated me like his favorite grandson. he would always stare at me and smile. he spoke only hakka, i could barely understand hakka. now he just mumbles. he gave us (my sister, bro, and me) twice the angpows he gave the other grandkids. 

i still remember quite vividly the final days of my dear gramma. before alzheimer got to her, she was this chubby old lady who would always be concerned on whether we (the kids) were hungry or not. my mom told me, they lived thru a hard time, food were scarce, necessities were bare. thats why she wants to make sure we (the kids) are always well fed. 

my greatest regret was being unable to converse with my gramma. she spoke hakka, pure hakka. i couldnt understand enough to even make out what she wanted 
to say to me everytime. i would just smile, and run away. gramma must have thought i was autistic! hahaa.... but she loved me. she loved us most (siblings). maybe because she only got to see us a couple of times at most in a year as we lived in alor star. we loved her very much too. once we (my father, my siblings & me) had to send her to an aunt's house nearby. my mom (the only one who could speak hakka under our roof) was not with us. the only 
hakka word i could muster from my vocab was "heh ah", which loosely translate to "yes ar?". gramma 
asked questions, trying to start a conversation with us i'm sure. and i would just reply "heh ah, heh ah.."....."heh ah..heh ah". she directed questions to my father, sister, brother....they all did 
what i did. was the longest journey. and my gramma must have been completely bewildered!

alzheimer consumed her. she started to forget things, faces, places.... she would talk to the "guy" in the tv. she would get lost in her own house. she was living in her own world. she started losing weight drastically. i knew things arent getting better.

i remember i brought my then gf home to see her. she stared at her, and smiled. i knew gramma liked her. i knew i had her blessings.

after some time, gramma was bedridden. her body was reduced to a skeleton. and bedsores started to eat away her fragile body.

then she was gone. i made a promise before her i would marry my gf and take good care of her. i broke the only promise i made to my dearest gramma.


i leave for penang/alor star in a few hours time....4am. i know, this could possibly be the last time for me i see my gramps alive. but i am sure he will leave all the physical sufferings behind. i am sure he is, and will be proud of me, his grandson. 

he grew up in poverty. he lived through troubled times. 

wai gong......i am proud to be your grandson. 

Monday, September 24, 2007

random random random

just came back from a friend's (distant) wedding. *shh...actually i invited myself to the dinner. hahaha....coz i had nothing better to do. i hate weddings. the binding of two lovers in holy matrimony. everybody cheering for them. everybody toasting for love and bucketful of babies. couples in abundance, stealing quick glances at each other hinting "when is ours?". i put up an empty smile across my face, knowing for a fact that i probably wont have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of a marriage toast.

i propose a toast to myself. for being a gentleman. for being overly kind. and for being silly & stupid.

promises can be broken just as easily as they were made. being honorable is a foreign thing to you i'm sure.

wedding was at sentosa hotel alor star. of all weddings i've had attended in the humble town of alor star, this was probably the grandest i've seen. the happy couple arrived in a merc cls 350 brabus. i hate them already. hahahaha....thats soooo my car!!! well...not exactly....mine would be a cls 55 amg. i forgave them. we drank beer. lots of them nasty yellow fluid. i didnt get tipsy. maybe i am a good drinker, or i was a good cheat....hahahahahahaha. no offence, but food was sub standard. i had an enjoyable night nonetheless. cheers to a happy couple, and a depressed me.

2 reasons why you ppl dont see much pictures on my blog (so far), firstly being that i simply do not know how to upload a picture (not that i have the time to experiment either), secondly being that i dont have a camera phone (my z800 koink-ed), and my company camera is as busy as a rm50 prostitute. as much as i wanted to show you photos depicting my boring life, i cant.

do not let your kids come close to joining the construction field. there is no glamor. there is no obscene monetary reward. there simply is no appreciation to people like us. posh clubs and lounges are always full of patrons from the business world. business-accountancy-auditors-etc, you dont see construction engineers, you dont see surveyors.

its 1042pm. i better get back to work.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

my love

so.....its been quite a while, a long while actually, since i'd written anything here. not that i don't have anything to write, but..........busy at work (the usual generic excuse).

well, seems like i would be sent to alor star to establish a satellite office for our project. what a irony, i left alor star in 1999 to study in kl, my family joined me there in kl in 2006. then now i left them to return to alor star. :) me and my family no "round". hahaha.....

i was seriously seriously considering a posting to middle east in 2005. didnt go. then in 2006 i considered a transfer to india. didnt go. after i'd left leighton, friends almost convinced me to join them in ireland, dublin. didnt go. hahahaha.... you know, many years ago, i was all readied to start a chapter in dublin just to be close to somebody i really cared for. but she had a better idea, she got hooked up with somebody else who was already there. hahaha...the parody of life.

well, eventually i chose to be relocated to bukit mertajam- gurun-alor star. i am hoping that i will end up in bukit merah though....alot of my office buddies are there.

i am always moving am i gonna find myself a girlfriend? hahahaha....... all of 26 years, i've had one failed relationship, and numerous rejections to hook up...but rejections to dates. DATES!!!

i am a decent 26yr old professional...polished whenever necessary, and witty most of the time. and i cant even get a date! even the pedigree ah bengs on their pathetically souped-up kap chai get laid by more chicks! and balding ah peks with tummies bigger than samy's swiss account are alighting from their mercs and beemers with two hot chicks as armrest. certified playboys also have the lion's share of hotties literally throwing themselves into their arms begging to be fucked.
its generally acknowledged that for women to dig a guy...that guy HAS to be in at least one the categories. 1) badboy...(albeit low life), 2) rich....( i heard duh....) , 3) a pussy teaser

well....lemme see.................badboy..... what constitutes a badboy? i dont smoke, i dont hit the liquor stall, i'd never got myself involved in a fight, i dont have THE look....
rich?...hahahahhaaa......the only label of luxury i have, are the couple of gold cards i have in my wallet. i dont drive a fancy car. i dont shop on impulse.
a pussy teaser?.....ok....physically.....i am overweight despite being athletic, i have a blunt nose, my hair sux, i dun dress up well (or well enuf), i am dull in front of girls.

there! i fail miserably in every aspect of being a lady wonder i cant secure dates and all. no wonder i was just being used as a stepping stone for richness and glamour. cant really blame her right?

despite my lacking in intimacy. i pride myself in having myself a wonderful bunch (or bunches) of loyal friends. most would say my female friends outnumbers the guys. but i guess its because i am like a gay friend who is not gay to them. hahaha.......(dont misconstrue my phrase there ya? i said "NOT GAY"!!!)...

bearrie bearrie is here......gotta take him for bukit mertajam famous char kuey tiao. i'll continue my rantings tmrw. ciao.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

busy busy busy....

sorry guys..cant write as much as i like as often as i wish i could. extremely busy. and extremely frustrated with some things that are unfolding at work.

i'm keeping myself entertained by watching stephen chow's movies compilation DVDs. rm49.90 for 6 cheap is that! and also the '24' series which i recently completed downloading. 24 is some good shit.

heading back to kl for the weekend. kinda need a reprieve from work obligation. boozing is always happier in kl, despite the $$$$. maybe its with buddies. maybe its just me.

i'm reading this book "winning" by jack welch, a living legend of a ceo. its a good book on management. so many people i 'know' should read this, and have a good review on themselves in their present capacities.

watched 'evan almighty'? the primates opposing the screening of this movie should be sent to oprah winfrey + dr phil therapy combo. its not the best movie ever made, but it carries so much subtle messages about humanity. i absolutely love the phrase "when you pray for courage, does god give you courage or the chance to be courageous?"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

snakes in an office

while my colleagues were trying to shift the table to a new position (office under renovation), we realized we had a slithery visitor. our lives were in mortal danger all along!

constant requests for the office to not kill the poor animal went unheeded, as the moment the frightened serpent was out of the door ....

*whack !!!!*

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

merdeka ku ku

pinkpau sure has produced a great entry on her blog about the sentiments of the modern generation towards the political climate of our beloved country. kudos pinkpau for a job well done. ( )

a country of financial blunders, corruption, crime, racism, non-transparency, cronyism, nepotism, …the list goes on. this is malaysia………..this is malaysia in the eyes of my generation. what are we celebrating for this august?

despite all the statements and announcements by the government to suppress crime rate, put an end to corruption, be more transparent, practice meritocracy, etc etc…do you think we are living in a better place compared to yesterday?

save the sophisticated scenarios, i put it in such simple rhetorics:


which driving malaysian hasn’t had an encounter with our friendly traffic police by the roadside, and discussed about coffee?

which malaysian doesn’t know you have to pay some under table fees to things done in any government office?

which malaysian that deals directly with the authorities can deny kao tim-ism is so blatantly common its natural behavior to the officers.

which malaysian can deny it’s an open secret that any considerable business ventures, a certain amount must go to the local politician?


which malaysian student can deny that many opportunities of further studies, are robbed from deserving applicants to be given to undeserving princes/princesses of the land?

which malaysian student can deny that scholarships are given not based on results and needs, but color and creed?

which malaysian can deny that important government posts have a preference towards a certain color?

which learned malaysian can refute that NEP is a total farce for a self proclaimed democratic and just nation?


there’re no open tenders for government projects.

there’re no disclosure of contracts/agreements made by the government with favored contractors/businesspeople even when taxpayers’ money are used carelessly.

mishandling of tax money

how many times do the local authorities have to pave-dig up-repave-dig up-repave the road in front of your house?

incompetent government-linked-companies getting bailed from bankruptcy with tax money without taxpayers’ approval.

local authorities paying ridiculous amount of money to substandard quality…eerr.things.

i could go on further, but i think you got my point. this is a modern day repackaged and localized apartheid.

another point i wanna bring to notice. see how the ruling party like to promote public developments with the slogan of “satu lagi projek kerajaan bee-an”? they paved a damn road and says its all thanks to bee-an. they built a masjid and claim all credit to bee-an. but think properly, aren’t those public amenities that tax payers should be getting for paying their taxes? they have absolutely no rights to claim credits for what they are obliged to deliver at the first place. its like giving an award to a doctor just because he prescribed panadol and cured a headache.

i believe many who are IT savvy are learned individuals. especially in the blogosphere. many would know right from wrong. utilize the power of the internet to magnify your voice of reasons.

malaysia belongs to us all. no matter how rotten the place might be. it is up to us to mend it. being ignorant is not an option now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

i popped my cherry

dear all,

congratulations on dropping by my infant blog, created solely for me to kill time. i’ll take you down with me, thank you.

for the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons, bombastic english will be kept at a bare minimum here, lest my friends get all confused and become intimidated.

some simple facts and figures about myself. you can call me sheon (pronounced “shawn”), its bear in chinese, yes, “GROAAAAR!!!” bear, bear. born 81. i extend the ruler by 182cm, and tip the scale at 110kg. yes i am overweight, but please save yourself the humiliation by challenging me in sports. i love my food. i love my animals. i love cars.

i was born in kl, grew up in alor star, reside in kl, work in kl, stationed in bkt mertajam. yes, i work as an engineer, i build things. my list of credentials include kl pavilion, suria stonor, pj 32 square, kl-putrajaya dedicated highway, all bear my fingerprints. and i am awfully proud of them. so now, to not break the chain of mega projects that was involved with, i’ve sold my life and soul to the electrified double tracking project for 5 freaking years.

no i don’t have a gal fren, and don’t think will have one in the near future. however, i won’t stop girls from sending in their undies. my address is: 66 taman sejahtera, alma, bkt mertajam.

my political inclination is towards democracy. meritocracy. and fairness to all. i think corruption is blatantly notorious here, and it is killing our country, and most people are just too ignorant to give a damn. i am not a racist, but i would if you are to me.

i am a free thinker, but i am not an atheist. i believe in some superior beings, well beyond our human comprehension. i believe in the supernatural, but please dun lemme encounter one.

i love animals, but i am embarrassingly scared of insects. but nothing looks funnier than the sight of me squealing and running for dear life at the sight of a spider. yes, i am arachnophobic. please be warned, if you throw a spider at me, i will f@*king murder you.

my health is ok. despite being overweight, i just had my full comprehensive blood test done not long ago. but, i have a lousy digestive system. nothing sends me faster to the loo than milk and food that my gut is sensitive to.

i love cooking as much as i heart eating. but i hate doing the dishes. i’d make you 3 meals a day without hesitation, unless i ran out of recipes, or crave for some msg.

i am always laughing and smiling. most of the time. but i dun feel quite comfortable around strangers. that’s why i reckon a lot of people will actually find me not-so-friendly during our first encounter.

i love shoes. i love shoes. i love shoes. that pretty much says it all.

i am a regular (but not limited) to these few blogs.






i like kennysia for his uncanny humor. i like nicole for her travelling journal (that chick’s got balls). cheesie for her food review and eye candy. pinkpau for her writing style (if you’d notice me adopting her capital-letter-less sentences) on such diversified topics. jade z for her ramblings about student life in tassie. cheesecakeerian for her bitchy alter-ego. rpk for his alternative insights. limkitsiang for his spirit. and little cutie pie misha for being such a princess. and finally, charmayne for her fool-proof donation drive, perseverance at its highest i say.

well, i wish i could go on and on. but need to go home liao. i wont observe any fixed schedule to update my blog. will write anything, anytime, anyhow i like.

signing off, from yours truly, sheon.