Wednesday, August 29, 2007

snakes in an office

while my colleagues were trying to shift the table to a new position (office under renovation), we realized we had a slithery visitor. our lives were in mortal danger all along!

constant requests for the office to not kill the poor animal went unheeded, as the moment the frightened serpent was out of the door ....

*whack !!!!*

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

merdeka ku ku

pinkpau sure has produced a great entry on her blog about the sentiments of the modern generation towards the political climate of our beloved country. kudos pinkpau for a job well done. ( )

a country of financial blunders, corruption, crime, racism, non-transparency, cronyism, nepotism, …the list goes on. this is malaysia………..this is malaysia in the eyes of my generation. what are we celebrating for this august?

despite all the statements and announcements by the government to suppress crime rate, put an end to corruption, be more transparent, practice meritocracy, etc etc…do you think we are living in a better place compared to yesterday?

save the sophisticated scenarios, i put it in such simple rhetorics:


which driving malaysian hasn’t had an encounter with our friendly traffic police by the roadside, and discussed about coffee?

which malaysian doesn’t know you have to pay some under table fees to things done in any government office?

which malaysian that deals directly with the authorities can deny kao tim-ism is so blatantly common its natural behavior to the officers.

which malaysian can deny it’s an open secret that any considerable business ventures, a certain amount must go to the local politician?


which malaysian student can deny that many opportunities of further studies, are robbed from deserving applicants to be given to undeserving princes/princesses of the land?

which malaysian student can deny that scholarships are given not based on results and needs, but color and creed?

which malaysian can deny that important government posts have a preference towards a certain color?

which learned malaysian can refute that NEP is a total farce for a self proclaimed democratic and just nation?


there’re no open tenders for government projects.

there’re no disclosure of contracts/agreements made by the government with favored contractors/businesspeople even when taxpayers’ money are used carelessly.

mishandling of tax money

how many times do the local authorities have to pave-dig up-repave-dig up-repave the road in front of your house?

incompetent government-linked-companies getting bailed from bankruptcy with tax money without taxpayers’ approval.

local authorities paying ridiculous amount of money to substandard quality…eerr.things.

i could go on further, but i think you got my point. this is a modern day repackaged and localized apartheid.

another point i wanna bring to notice. see how the ruling party like to promote public developments with the slogan of “satu lagi projek kerajaan bee-an”? they paved a damn road and says its all thanks to bee-an. they built a masjid and claim all credit to bee-an. but think properly, aren’t those public amenities that tax payers should be getting for paying their taxes? they have absolutely no rights to claim credits for what they are obliged to deliver at the first place. its like giving an award to a doctor just because he prescribed panadol and cured a headache.

i believe many who are IT savvy are learned individuals. especially in the blogosphere. many would know right from wrong. utilize the power of the internet to magnify your voice of reasons.

malaysia belongs to us all. no matter how rotten the place might be. it is up to us to mend it. being ignorant is not an option now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

i popped my cherry

dear all,

congratulations on dropping by my infant blog, created solely for me to kill time. i’ll take you down with me, thank you.

for the obvious (and not so obvious) reasons, bombastic english will be kept at a bare minimum here, lest my friends get all confused and become intimidated.

some simple facts and figures about myself. you can call me sheon (pronounced “shawn”), its bear in chinese, yes, “GROAAAAR!!!” bear, bear. born 81. i extend the ruler by 182cm, and tip the scale at 110kg. yes i am overweight, but please save yourself the humiliation by challenging me in sports. i love my food. i love my animals. i love cars.

i was born in kl, grew up in alor star, reside in kl, work in kl, stationed in bkt mertajam. yes, i work as an engineer, i build things. my list of credentials include kl pavilion, suria stonor, pj 32 square, kl-putrajaya dedicated highway, all bear my fingerprints. and i am awfully proud of them. so now, to not break the chain of mega projects that was involved with, i’ve sold my life and soul to the electrified double tracking project for 5 freaking years.

no i don’t have a gal fren, and don’t think will have one in the near future. however, i won’t stop girls from sending in their undies. my address is: 66 taman sejahtera, alma, bkt mertajam.

my political inclination is towards democracy. meritocracy. and fairness to all. i think corruption is blatantly notorious here, and it is killing our country, and most people are just too ignorant to give a damn. i am not a racist, but i would if you are to me.

i am a free thinker, but i am not an atheist. i believe in some superior beings, well beyond our human comprehension. i believe in the supernatural, but please dun lemme encounter one.

i love animals, but i am embarrassingly scared of insects. but nothing looks funnier than the sight of me squealing and running for dear life at the sight of a spider. yes, i am arachnophobic. please be warned, if you throw a spider at me, i will f@*king murder you.

my health is ok. despite being overweight, i just had my full comprehensive blood test done not long ago. but, i have a lousy digestive system. nothing sends me faster to the loo than milk and food that my gut is sensitive to.

i love cooking as much as i heart eating. but i hate doing the dishes. i’d make you 3 meals a day without hesitation, unless i ran out of recipes, or crave for some msg.

i am always laughing and smiling. most of the time. but i dun feel quite comfortable around strangers. that’s why i reckon a lot of people will actually find me not-so-friendly during our first encounter.

i love shoes. i love shoes. i love shoes. that pretty much says it all.

i am a regular (but not limited) to these few blogs.






i like kennysia for his uncanny humor. i like nicole for her travelling journal (that chick’s got balls). cheesie for her food review and eye candy. pinkpau for her writing style (if you’d notice me adopting her capital-letter-less sentences) on such diversified topics. jade z for her ramblings about student life in tassie. cheesecakeerian for her bitchy alter-ego. rpk for his alternative insights. limkitsiang for his spirit. and little cutie pie misha for being such a princess. and finally, charmayne for her fool-proof donation drive, perseverance at its highest i say.

well, i wish i could go on and on. but need to go home liao. i wont observe any fixed schedule to update my blog. will write anything, anytime, anyhow i like.

signing off, from yours truly, sheon.