Saturday, November 3, 2007 two doggies

my bitch at the top. the prick at the bottom. both are named doggy. coz i dont think "barbie" would be an appropriate name for my black bitch. quite obviously she's a mutt. her favorite food are canned dog food (beef), and raw egg. but she gets excited over durians, bones of all sorts, milk, and stuff. her hobby is catching mice. she hates water. she is petrified of fireworks.

doggy (bottom pic) has tried to hump everything that moves, not that actively pursuing that hobby anymore. that pretty much sums up everything about him. :P


angel said...

i like the yellow Barbie.

why cannot name Barbie? can... ;)

sheon said...

doggy lar!!!! that prick is no drag!!! hhahahahahaha