Monday, October 29, 2007

finally...some pictures horribly posted.....

this is the view from my office window. the building in the foreground is a pain. gunung jerai sits firmly (thank god) at the background. if my memory serves me correctly...gunung jerai is about a third of genting's height.

ok, can you see the waterfall? smack in the center of the picture, right below the clouds.

there you go, i drew a sperm to help lead the way. :P

not much rain on the mountain, so the waterfall is quite gentle.

hahahahahaa........this damn post is fucking embarassing! it clearly shows my level of competency in blogging/photo editing/blog space management. hahahahahaa....... i am a stillborn* (not even a toddler) in blogging in comparison to mishaparis.

p/s: belinda chee is such a hottie!! and i think she hosts quickie pretty well too! don't you think?


angel said...

Hahaha!!! When I reached the pic without the 'sperm', I thought, "Hmmmm... that waterfall looked like *ahem*"

Mana tau you so clever wan... kakaka! :p

No malu la... Psstt!! This weekend so happened that I'll be going for my facial & spa @ Pyramid... wah, can kill 2 birds with one parking ticket! :p

sheon said...

hahaha.....sunway pyramid it is this coming sunday. email you details... :P

my company dinner @ KL Hilton saturday night....theme is retro.. i wonder if i can still fit my dad's old clothes....