Saturday, October 13, 2007

what else can i say?


'Equality before the law is a universal concept, and the government should give priority in seeing that every Malaysian, irrespective of race, has a place under the Malaysian sun.'

MR KARPAL SINGH, national chairman of the opposition Democratic Action Party"

yay opposition!!! vote for democracy!!!

where does the integrity lie in ACA when it has cleared so many famously corrupt politicians from charges? 

can you trust a cop to tell the truth when you know for a fact that their integrity can be bought with kopi-duit over a wound-down window?

how to believe anti-graft vows made by a politician when you know for a fact that he himself is the biggest crook of all?

when the institution of judiciary is proven to be as notorious as the criminal organizations they put behind bars..........

what else can i say?

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