Thursday, January 31, 2008

who will i be in 10 years time...

10 years is just 3650 days away.............

lets start with my career. well, no doubt it looks like i am already on the right path to my calling in the industry. the amount of jealousy and envy and slander against me is just proof that i am already a threat to some. but what they dont fucking know is that i dont give a fucking damn.

i love my job. i love what i'm doing. but all my closest friends know that i hate office politics. being super interested in the political climate in our country, doesnt mean that i am interested in office politics. if somebody really steps on my toes, and i believe IF i really really want to retaliate, i know i have the means and all the influence to execute a career assassination.

my personal philosophy in this department is......."solve all problems, not create them"

i am feeling very uncomfortable, with all the attention on me. for whatever reason, people keep telling me that i have this aura of confidence that i exert. but inside, i know i am not as confident as i wished i was. maybe this is exactly what some people want that many dont possess. and i got it for free and dont know how to exploit it.

a profound statement a person i admire and respect alot told me last night.

"dont be an academic engineer, instead be a businessman with an engineering background"

.............. BINGO!!!! spot on!! that is precisely what i want to be! lets see what happens in 10 years.

mating season mating season mating season. wedding bells are ringing, wedding invites are flying, and angpow is crippling my wallet. sigh. i vow to marry 4 times to get back my angpow money!!!

aaahhh......the dreaded valentines is round the corner. what a lovely sight it is to see couples flocking restaurants to splurge on over-priced slabs of stale meat and chemically enhanced desserts and ridiculously priced twigs.

the last valentine that i celebrated..........i prepared the steaks myself....cooked all the side dishes...shared the efforts of making a cheesecake. there were candles all over, camera was flashing all document the beautiful moment that i thought will last forever, and more.
valentine sex was super. i did not document that though. hahahaha.....

this is gonna be the 4th straight year i am spending valentines alone. or is it 3rd? i dont remember anymore. what will happen in 10 years time? will i be celebrating my 14th solo valentine? haha...what are the chances?

in 10 years time, i want to change the world..............

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

dinner's served!!

caught by my brave supervisors on site yesterday. 2m long python!!!! actually they saved her from being crushed by the monster machines that we are operating on site.

dont worry, being the animal lover that i am, i insisted that they release it back to the wild after we gang-molested her. somebody actually wanted to have it for dinner. hahhaa....

that's mr foo and mr chin, my site engineer and section foreman respectively. and thats her running between their thighs.

her teeth damn geli!!!!