Monday, December 3, 2007

sharin and reventón..........gorgeous!

well, unfortunately sharin didn’t win the prestigious female magazine most gorgeous person title. sharin, you’re always gorgeous. i am surrounded by absolutely gorgeous people, what a blessing!

ok, reckon the organiser should create an award just for me. as i embarked on a 5 hours drive across treacherous terrains, laden with vile beasts from the abyss, just to attend the party! ahha......beat that!

crowd was great. i truly enjoyed the ambience.unlike any typical ah-beng ah-lian infested party scene. it was already 1030pm the time i got there. complimentary ticket says that winners would be crowned at 1100pm, so i gotta be quick. well, actually i was more like reluctant to pay the after 1100pm cover charge.

zouk kl.....

the top 10 were already parading on stage. i made my way to the bar to get my free drink (yeah....)....not knowing what drinks they offer (for free), even if they did tell, i wouldn’t know jack what goes into the drink/ i acted cool, handed him a coupon, and said...”gimme anything...” . the bartender must’ve thought i was getting laid that night, and subsequently handed me a plastic cup with redbull and a shot. niiice.

i’m sure half of the population of beautiful people in kl were there! i felt outta place. i am cool, not hot.

when they crowned the most gorgeous guy to this overly shy hunk peter, i realised there was a bunch of gays just staring at him. just like how i would have my eyes glued to the image of marion caunter, or belinda chee, or jamie yeo, or lamborghini reventon. aaaahh.......imagine a lamborghini reventon in my possession.......

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