Wednesday, November 28, 2007


the bustling bordertown of danok, also very well known as the red light capital of the region. almost everything in this town evolves around the notorious sex industry, cartering to the type of crowd danok attracts by the thousands. scores of cheap hotel rooms, food stalls, karaoke joints, discos, pubs, no-frills brothels (or like i call them - fuck joints) mushrooming all over danok.

yes, i was there over the weekend. i will not lie to you that i was there primarily to witness for myself, how happening danok is. but, two other reasons that brought me there for a holiday was because i needed a break, and also for the loi krathong festival.

we left gurun at about 630pm 24th November 07. reached the immigration counters to enter thailand at about 730pm (630pm thailand time). the well lit building on the left of the picture is the landmark of danok, i think its called oscar hotel. queuing up for passport stamping was a pain, the weekend crowd was huge!

red light district is to the left, and shopping and less provocative pubs to the right.

this is the main road. drive straight up for 50km, and you'll reach hatyai. most of the guys will start behaving weirdly from this point onwards, for this is the zone where the thinking and reasoning shifts from your larger head to your smaller head.

loi krathong festival. almost every other stall in danok (i'm sure its the same all around thailand) was selling these 'lanterns'. basically they are decorated floats with some joss sticks or candle in the middle. a devotee has to make a prayer, place some nail clippings or hair on the lantern, and release it into a river, or lake. and your bad luck will sail away with the lantern, or so they say.

as i was dining and walking around danok, fireworks were set everywhere! a lot of girls wore the traditional siamese costume and walked the streets in it. not bad for visitor.

food was everywhere!!! thailand mah. the bottom pic shows bottom-side-up horseshoe-crabs. these are then steamed, the top shell is pried open to expose its roes beneath the shell. only the roes are taken and served thai-style. rm18 per pop.

*only non-provocative photos are shown*

the above pictures show the red light district. most of the girls you see walking on the street are pros. discos and pubs and brothels sit on both sides of the streets.

we went in this club called "new sha-la-la". apparently a new joint with some of the hottest girls in town. smack in the middle of the floor stands a giant 2-tier lotus-shaped center stage. i do not have to elaborate on the photos, but i could totally see their nipples thru the sheer lingeries.

picture shows two couples performing erotic dance moves. yeah, can totally see the girls' nipples sticking thru the unpadded bikini also.

5 large bottles of heineken = rm75

after downing the 5 bottles, we proceeded to this club called "spiders". now.....this is what really defines a strip club loh! up to 20 girls would start dancing on the stage with clothes on, and end up with none. can totally see their pet-pet also. no photos i'm sorry. but i hate this place lor, every single thing you do, there'll be somebody there asking for tips. i went pee also got 2 guys came up behind me to "massage" my shoulders and arms. wanna pee also cannot loh.

2 large bottles of heineken = rm25

then the last outlet we went was a karaoke bar. no hanky panky stuff happening in the open here. so, this was relatively the most decent of all the joints that i visited that night. however, the gro(s) and mamasans here are super drinkers! i personally gulped down close to 5 large bottles here alone, and was just only one more from total-lost. cheapest beer here, but you need to pay generous tips when your girl sings on stage.

5+1 large bottles of heineken = rm50 or 60... ( i was very tipsy already)

my karaoke session ended at 1am malaysian time (12midnite thailand). i had to pretend i was a goner to escape from paying more yian wang tips to the girls, as they thought they could make a water-fish outta me before i get totally drunk. strategy worked perfectly. but man did i struggle to make my way back to my bunk!

the morning view. this pub sits right across the entrance of the hotel i stayed. oh yeah, the hotel i stayed in was PJ hotel. 5-star danok standard, 2-star international. normal rate rm55/deluxe room. rm20 surcharge for peak season. in-house 24hrs porn channels. no condoms provided. :P

had a quick breakfast. and can see girls returning 'home' from bookings. honestly, many are hotties and cuties, i truly empathize their hardship. as many i learnt, came from really poor families and they just want to bring home more money.

massage. now, there are two kinds of massage services here. simply, one healthy, another indecent.

we went to this decent one (of coz), not too far away from our hotel. the rates are rm12/hour. fucking cheap lor. i didnt get myself massaged, as i am super-ticklish one. i remember i almost kicked my then gf off the bed when she attempted to massage me! i was curious to know how the process goes like, so i stayed in the massage chamber for the whole two hours the massage lasted for. yeah, this was the non-oily massage if you wanna know.

you can come here and enjoy massage with a group of friends one, very interesting one. different chamber sizes to fit the size of your group. i'm all in next round, who wants to join me?

then came lunch. this was the highlight of the whole trip! (no..not strippers).

there is this restaurant called "water view". it has little individual attap-roof huts around the edge of a lake. and the view here is very nice. no, its no swiss alps, but worked just fine for me!

service was very very good. the waitors were very attentive, and helpful too. one interesting aspect of this restaurant is that, the food is sent to your hut by boat! motorboat lar..but still its special right? the food was excellent!! we spent a good 2 hours here. i must say, if you visit danok, this place must be on your itinerary.

crossed the border to malaysia at around 4pm malaysian time. reached 'home' at about 5pm. a great weekend it was. and i must tell this to everyone, despite its notorious reputation as a sex capital, it doesnt mean that everyone is here just for sex.

i stepped into danok defensively, nobody came in contact with my schlong but me, and i left a very happy (and clean) tourist!!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

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gee......i never thought becoming a millionaire is so easy! i need a butler...NOW!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

The People’s Parliament

You pay taxes all these years (that’s true even if/when you are not working, because all goods and services you consume- unless smuggled - are taxed) and therefore you deserve a better country.

You deserve the rights, freedom and dignity as a human being.

You deserve a legitimate, responsive and competent government.

You deserve a political system that is not rotten, where judges and ballots are not for sale.

You deserve electoral reforms.

You must register your desire for a better Malaysia so that the Government know you mean business.

You can do so in any creative way, but two things are vital.
You must do it in public. You must document it in images, words or both.

Therefore, eating a banana alone at home and complaining is not political. Getting 20 friends eating bananas at a bus station and chanting BERSIH for one minute, and having this photographed and blogged, will be very political, and for those of you who are worried, safe. Forwarding this message and inviting more friends to join this cause will also be political and safe.

You can change Malaysia in your very own way. No effort is too small if you mean it. All Malaysians, including the future generations, will one day thank you for that.

Do something. You deserve a better country. And the country deserves and needs an empowered citizen in you.

Excerpt from

Thursday, November 22, 2007

november rain

this chick hot?? hot leh......... her name is sharin shaik. she's from sabah. and she's a good friend of mine!! 'female magazine' is having this thing called '50 most gorgeous people', and guess who is running for a spot as the most gorgeous person in malaysia?! **winner gets rm1billion ringgit and 2 ferraris, of which sharin will happily oblige to share it with the person that voted for her the most, if she wins it! so...quickly drop whatever it is that you are doing, and go vote for this beautiful sharin!!!

1. Online-- Go to
http://www.fem ain.asp

a nd vote for number 37!It's free..

2. SMS:
FM 50G<> SHARIN SHAIK<> NRIC<> 37<>SLOGAN (as in why you think she should
win) : send to 33668 (rm1.00 per vote)

3. Magazine: Buy the mag, vote for her in
the form and send it back!

falling sick sure sucks. what sucks even more is how it multiplies the feeling of loneliness by a million times. *recalling the days when i would never leave her alone whenever she was sick.

bought this nice little phone on monday.

a sony ericsson w700i!

costs me rm660. the girl that sold me this phone was quite a looker. but not quite as hot as the voluptuous d-cupper 2 stalls away. (i reiterate: boobs are not all that matters)

this is a wonderful phone. to me, its a perfect compromise of all that i could ask for in one phone. the only significant attribute that it lacks is that it is not packaged with 3G capability. but honestly, how many people are using 3G anyway?

heading to the thai border at bukit kayu hitam this weekend to get intoxicated (by alcohol, not sexually-transmitted-diseases!). that place being notorious for its gro(s), being attended (swarmed) by gros is inevitable, but thats only as far as i would go. really!

oh yeah......still stuck in gurun.....dang

Saturday, November 10, 2007

time for change

People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should be afraid of their people.

(V For Vendetta - Alan Moore)

Saturday, November 3, 2007 two doggies

my bitch at the top. the prick at the bottom. both are named doggy. coz i dont think "barbie" would be an appropriate name for my black bitch. quite obviously she's a mutt. her favorite food are canned dog food (beef), and raw egg. but she gets excited over durians, bones of all sorts, milk, and stuff. her hobby is catching mice. she hates water. she is petrified of fireworks.

doggy (bottom pic) has tried to hump everything that moves, not that actively pursuing that hobby anymore. that pretty much sums up everything about him. :P