Sunday, March 30, 2008

tagged by aronil..........(you monster)

whoop-dee-doooooo....i got tagged. i got tagged.

things you MIGHT want to know about sheon. lemme see......

satu : "sheon is f@cking sked of spiders" is an understatement. sheon is arachnophobic. to see sheon squeal like a little possessed girl, and flee like a headless chicken?...throw a spider at him, the bigger the better. large bugs and insects that are not so common in the house might also do the trick, but not as effective and noisy.

hey.....i am not suppose to be telling you little devils this, am i?

dua : sheon loves shoes. bags. jackets. food. sports. and stuff. that's why sheon makes a good shopping partner for his many she-buddies. and it's no wonder sheon has many she-buddies, on top of his many many he-buddies.

on the last count, sheon has about 10 pairs of shoes...that are active in duty. sheon is anticipating on a rapid expansion to that figure by the end of this year.

tiga : sheon is a free-thinker. but not an atheist either. he thinks there is a greater force beyond human comprehension, and beyond the reasoning of science. however, sheon thinks it is not necessary to commit himself to one religion to believe in what he believe. or simply, he hasn't found his calling yet. but he likes to read on religion..the practices, the cultures, and the histories. ...and of coz....the conspiracy theories.

empat : sheon loves construction. everything construction. little sheon found his calling when he witnessed a school project in front of his house. from a humble piece of flatland in alorstar, into a massive school building in matter of months. that intrigued him greatly. one thing led to another, fate and destiny has led sheon into his current capacity of a senior executive in an international construction giant at a fairly young age of 25.

lima : sheon loves artsy-fartsy stuff. sheon was an active promoter and advocate of classical music to his fellow uni-mates. he arranged many student visits to the philharmonic orchestra hall. once, he was awarded with a balcony seat, for the evening of waltz pieces by j.strauss II (sheon's favorite). he felt like a king that evening. sheon thinks paintings are nice too.

enam : sheon had only one romantic relationship in his life. quite contrary to popular belief that is. this mis-perception of sheon has started ever since he was in high school. reasons because sheon was in this small but powerful clique that has it's influence in every level of school politics. everybody knew us by name (we werent bullies, please, we hated bullies and we were sorta like the anti-thesis to bullying). a few members gained notoriety for being players. somehow this image got on to sheon, and it stuck. summore sheon was way slimmer back then and a star athlete all the way through university, quite hemsem one also.
sheon believes a relationship should only start if there is true feelings for each other. there must be mutual respect, understanding, loving, trusting. IF indeed true love is dead in this world, then chances are sheon would end up alone, alas.

tujuh : the only food sheon doesnt eat, are food that are illegal, or deemed illegal by sheon. sheon will not purchase sharksfin soup. however will consume it if served, but not without protesting. *scratches head.....what am i saying???.....well, you get the point.*
sheon likes peanuts, but he doesnt agree with them being served with nasi lemak. sheon loves cheese, bitter chocolates, japanese, steak, vege..............okok..sheon just loves food lar.

lapan : sheon loves his family most. enough said.

sembilan : sheon loves reading. but is horrible at language. loves chinese culture, but hates reading chinese characters, coz its too difficult to master, doesnt really speak good chinese at that too. loves english literature but sucks at it. loves western cultures and philosophies, but hates white-supremist ideology. loves japanese girls but hates japan's wartime history.

sepuluh : sheon loves pets, animals, and all fauna. used to have chickens, ducks, dogs, tortoise, fish, rabbits for pets (all at one time). now sheon has 2 dogs. contemplating on getting a big-ass aquarium ecology for a miniature fishy-fishy. oh yeah, sheon talks to his pets. he sometimes thinks they actually understand him.....sheon's pets are bi-lingual.

there you go linora. thanks for the tag. hahahahahahahahahaaa

Saturday, March 29, 2008


little jeremy wanted a bicycle so badly.....

every night before getting tucked in, he'd pray very hard...for God to grant him a bicycle for christmas.

christmas bicycle.

little jeremy thought he didnt pray hard enough the year he tried praying harder.

christmas morning.....again, no bicycle.

little jeremy persevered...for the third year....he'd pray everynite before he sleeps for a bicycle.

christmas came........alas, no bicycle.

that night, jeremy went and stole a bicycle, and prayed for forgiveness instead.

Friday, March 28, 2008

i'm running a sex blog

hey....statistics dont lie.

based on my stats, the one entry that pulls in the most readers is this one here

keywords being "sex", "danok", and "massage".......

damnit....i am an accomplice in the international prostitution ring.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

billie jean - 'got-balls' version

like i was saying.............this is SICK!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

not a good day

not a good day.............for the subcontractors at least. hahahaha....spent most of the day making other people's lives miserable.....because they made mine difficult. :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cindy for Malaysian Dream Girl 2008

say hi to cindy.

now, for the uninitiated, there is this reality show called malaysian dreamgirl in the running. you can look it up at . its sort of like america's next top model, but on a smaller scale.

the unique thing about this program is that, you only get to watch it on the internet. and to really spice things up, two of my favorite bloggers are competing for the grand prize of rm1billion contract with ford models and versace and louis vuitton and gucci...and..and........ok, crap. i dont actually know what is the grand prize other than there's a car to be won, and some fashion contracts lah.

ringo of on the left, and cindy of on the right.

both are my blogging friends, and both are sizzling hot. and i think both are good to go for the top spot in malaysian dream girl. here lies my dilemma: who gets my votes?

my honest answer will be.....cindy.

i think cindy has the look. that special look that sets her apart from the other hotties. i think her physique is well cut out. however, i think fiqa has the best body (and curves) of the 12 finalist, its just that i think she lacks versatality in the expression dept. cindy is pretty smart, dont let her bimbo-ish inclined blog misguide you. she holds a degree in comtemporary art or something.. (hehehe....i am an i dunno the difference.)...and she was an Ace student in her school. (there's so much to learn from reading her blog)

now. she needs to work on her catwalk, and pace herself properly. she needs to try to tame down her eagerness to bring-sexy-back. and she needs to know how to work on her poses to capitalize on her stronger features.

one of my favorite shots of her.

and my most favorite picture posted on her blog. (save it and use it for your wallpaper)

now, just go and pay a visit. (shhhhhh......there's even a behind the scene lingerie photo session that'll bleed your nose)....... and if you think cindy should win it, like how i think she should, just send in your votes............

to vote, send DREAM 03 to 33001

*each vote costs rm1.00 (yes, i agree its a tad expensive...but....)


*and to you too ringo.......... :) *

Monday, March 17, 2008

what do i do?

i get this alot......" project engineer? exactly do you do ah?"

ok, maybe its just me. still, i am gonna describe my job anyway....

a construction project generally consists of 3 parties....1) client, 2) consultant, and 3) contractor.
the client finances the project, and pays all the relevant contractors. the consultant designs and dictate how the project is built, ie. if its a skyscraper, consultants will design the extent of the founding structure, how big the columns should be, how to transfer the wind load into the foundation, how utilities should be running, and many many things that a lay person wouldnt have thought about. contractor, contractors are the people that get things done. its that simple.

i am currently working on the controversial double tracking project (i am no amateur in controversial projects, my first job was building the foundation for KL Pavilion, and my second job was the construction of the KL-Putrajaya Highway, and my current team built the SMART Tunnel).

details about my project? imagine KTM Komuter being extended to the thai border. spans from ipoh to padang besar (the northern tip of malaysia), 80+ nos of bridges of all sizes, stations, halts, high-rise apartments, roads, offices, a viaduct across bukit merah lake, 3 tunnels, a giant swing bridge, etc etc...... every aspect of this project is in astronomical figures, cost of project is rm12,500,000,000 . millions of cubic meter of earth will be excavated, millions more will be used to fill up the embankment, 38 engineering consultants will be engaged, unprecedented in any projects in malaysia, thousands of sub-contractors will be hired.......

the downside of this project is that thousands of people taking residence alongside the existing track will be displaced. environmental impact will be vast.

to further breakdown the operating structure of a main-contractor, you have the office team, and you have the site team. the office team runs the planning, documentation, compiles reports, makes claims, deals with the client(s) & authorities. whilst the site team runs the operation on site, managing resources, site planning, and all the dirty works.

sheon manages the flow of information. bringing the issues into the board room from the site, and subsequently relaying the information and decisions to be implemented to site. sheon has the authority to call for meetings (sometimes chairs them as well) between consultants and contractors, sheon has the authority to screen through progress claims from subcontractors for discrepencies, sheon has the responsibility to assure the clients that construction is carried out as per design. sheon shares part of the burden of making sure project does not burst the budget or finish behind schedule. so as you can see, my job scope is akin to that of a assistant manager. in construction, you dont get managerial positions young.

no easy job. my current jurisdiction is over the stretch from sungai petani to alor star. target for this section is rm200million by july 2008. now its not even close to rm20million!!!

so there you have it. thats what i do for a living. life is somewhat easier now compared to then, when its almost routine that i clock in 14-16 working hours per day, and work 6 1/2 days a week.

it felt like death...

just had my hepatitis B booster shot........i hate needles. i especially hate the sense when the chemicals are forced into my arm damn lenguh now...

oh yeah....its good to also know my gastric is turning chronic.....lets hope it doesnt rot through my stomach and spill all the stomach juice onto my liver and testicles.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

back to work...

from nuffnang inaugural pajama party (i hope they're gonna have this every year...)


back to my sweat-shop...........

i need more breaks.....

Sunday, March 9, 2008

there is hope

there is still hope.......

congratulations malaysia...........

congratulations malaysians..........

malaysians have shown that we can unite under one umbrella to reach a common goal.....

thank you all bloggers that helped in creating and increasing the political awareness of the younger generations.....

bn........the people have spoken.......improve.......

the very core reasons of your shameful defeat lie in your blatant arrogance, corruption, and racism.

barisan alternatif............there is much to do to clean up the bn mess.......

malaysians........lets unite to mend this broken nation

Monday, March 3, 2008

sheon sleeps better with chipster.....

pink 'made' me do this.

pajama party. i am coming with flakes of dried saliva across half my face, and a flat spot on my head. but first, protocols dictate that i must embarrass myself with a couple of chipster chips.

it has been a while since i consumed any chips. i am not a chips kinda guy, i'm more into twisties and cheesie..err i mean cheezels. i used to like lay's very much, for its HUGE packings and unique taste....but gosh are they expensive!

so this chipster came on the chips scene.....and went on this relatively massive promotional exercise that got almost every other blogger involved. woah....c'mon's just chips.....

but.....i had to try it out!

i got my ass to the nearest convenience shop near my house....scanned the junk food section for chipster......chipster...chipster...chipter........ah! there they are.... and bought 1 for each flavor.

chipster - check; newspapers - check; magazines - check; wine - check; ROCKET magazine - CHECK!!

i was set for the night.

there is no denying that the packaging for chipster is quite appealing. i wont be embarrassed digging my hand into chipster in the middle of KL Pavilion; mamee....oh no.....i'm not gonna be seen eating that in Pavilion. tarak macho langsung.....

chips 0 : chipster 1

'does the design make me want to eat it just by looking at it?'..i asked myself......well, frankly speaking......they did.

they say being in a toilet makes you lose your appetite..........lets see.......

yeah.......i still wanna eat it.

chips 0 : chipster 2

next up....the aroma test.................i was eager to know how chipster smells like. be fair...i think its a draw...just admit it...chips smell nice, irregardless of the brand.

chips 1 : chipster 3

now, the ultimate chips test. the TASTE! not wanting to waste anymore time, and not that i could resist anymore, i grabbed a fistful of chipster......and dunked'em all in my 420cc mouth cavity..........

like this.......

needless to say........chipster scores with the perfect balance between saltiness, flavor, and spices.

chips 1 : chipster 4

arent my doggies cute?................................they have the whole backyard to themselves.... :)

coming back to the main topic..............

chipster totally ruined my diet that night.......i ate 2 and a half bags of chipster....and reluctantly gave away the rest.............

glorious chipster.........partnered by half a dozen glasses of wine........................made sheon a sleepy giant..............

i never had such a good partnership in bed since..................................errr..............since....... *forget it*........