Monday, September 24, 2007

random random random

just came back from a friend's (distant) wedding. *shh...actually i invited myself to the dinner. hahaha....coz i had nothing better to do. i hate weddings. the binding of two lovers in holy matrimony. everybody cheering for them. everybody toasting for love and bucketful of babies. couples in abundance, stealing quick glances at each other hinting "when is ours?". i put up an empty smile across my face, knowing for a fact that i probably wont have the opportunity to be on the receiving end of a marriage toast.

i propose a toast to myself. for being a gentleman. for being overly kind. and for being silly & stupid.

promises can be broken just as easily as they were made. being honorable is a foreign thing to you i'm sure.

wedding was at sentosa hotel alor star. of all weddings i've had attended in the humble town of alor star, this was probably the grandest i've seen. the happy couple arrived in a merc cls 350 brabus. i hate them already. hahahaha....thats soooo my car!!! well...not exactly....mine would be a cls 55 amg. i forgave them. we drank beer. lots of them nasty yellow fluid. i didnt get tipsy. maybe i am a good drinker, or i was a good cheat....hahahahahahaha. no offence, but food was sub standard. i had an enjoyable night nonetheless. cheers to a happy couple, and a depressed me.

2 reasons why you ppl dont see much pictures on my blog (so far), firstly being that i simply do not know how to upload a picture (not that i have the time to experiment either), secondly being that i dont have a camera phone (my z800 koink-ed), and my company camera is as busy as a rm50 prostitute. as much as i wanted to show you photos depicting my boring life, i cant.

do not let your kids come close to joining the construction field. there is no glamor. there is no obscene monetary reward. there simply is no appreciation to people like us. posh clubs and lounges are always full of patrons from the business world. business-accountancy-auditors-etc, you dont see construction engineers, you dont see surveyors.

its 1042pm. i better get back to work.


angel said...

You had an enjoyable night and cheered to a depressed you...

Errmmm... can make up your mind ah? :p

BTW, your middle name is Cynical, right? *grins*

sheon said...

angel: hahaha......i enjoy being cynical. and sarcastic at times. :) dont we all?
my middle name is actually "couldnt-care-less"..... hahahaha

you have a great week ahead of you!!

lasilasi said...

electrical engineer here - but still stucked in uni after grad. is working in constructions site that bad?

sheon said...

lasi: hi there. your nick reminds me of my favorite drink. :)

short ans to your question is yes. the amount of salary that you get at the end of the month is not reflective of the amount of hardship you have to put into your job. however, if one can succeed in reaching the level of a senior manager in a big firm...only then you will reap the monetary reward.
unless, of coz, you have a deep interest in construction....and you seek gratification in overcoming challenges and problems. but the ultimate satisfaction comes from seeing the drawing...becomes reality!!

cheesecakeerian said...

Look for the picture icon on top of where you type your blog entry. I hope that was helpful!

sheon said...

geez....thanks for the tip cheesecakeerian. i will 'experiment' in my next entry!!

you have a nice week deary!

Jade Z. said...

z800 ? is it Sony ? aww ~ what happened to you phone really ... porr thing

sheon said...

Jadey: :) for dropping by. :( for my phone... hehehe.... my sony z800i? that damn thing..costs me a bomb when i bought her, now she's givin me the permanent cold shoulders. it switches off everytime i switch it on. hahaha.. the guys at the shop cant fix it, which means i have to fork out another huge sum of money that i dun already have to purchase another phone. :( but currently contemplating over a pda (o2 or dopod) and a nokie n76 (i am a sucker for flip phones)

yc said...

its ok la...ur z800 is fugly... :) its a blessing in disguise. next thing to go is those hideous shoes tat u hv. wakakakaka~ MARK my words. :)

sheon said...

hey...crocs are awfully comfy ok? and mine are not the common ones. :P