Friday, October 31, 2008

Chiang Mai - part 2

kalare night bazaar!!!

petaling street!!! only with less aggressive street peddlers. and a lot more cleaner.
really, chiangmai is a clean city. i arrived half expecting a slump of place, oh how wrong i was!!!
this place is clean!!! the streets are clean...the public toilets are clean...

took this stupid tuk-tuk from my inn to the bazaar.
this little prick here overcharged me by 100%. so, remember the back of this seat, if the next tuk-tuk that you take resembles this, please whack the guy on the head for me.

there's a food court somewhere at the background of this photo.
quite a lot of food are available at a very reasonable price.
with names and photos and the prices of what the stall offers displayed prominently in english, this place is very tourist-friendly.

kaosoi - chiangmai's speciality (rm3.5-4.0)
tastes like curry mee

kaosoi according to wikitravel, is a local speciality. it comes in either chicken or beef curry over locally made yellow wheat noodles.
eeerr..honestly, nothing to shout about. i think our curries taste better.

pork-knuckle rice - one of my all time favorite thai dish (rm4.00)

ok, i've savored better tasting pork-knuckle rice in dannok (malaysia-thai border town). but this one here will just about make it to being labeled as "nice".
girls might not be able to fully enjoy the true essence of this wonderful dish, as this dish here is basically a huge chunk of fatty pork leg. you want to savor the true flavor? eat with the fats.

orange juice (rm2.00 per 500ml bottle)

this happens to be my most favorite drink in chiang mai! its sweet, its zesty, its refreshing, and i reckon its healthy!!!!
rotee stand

the thais (or at least chiangmai-ese) love their roti, particularly roti pisang. these stalls are everywhere!!!

the food here in chiangmai was kinda disappointing, i was hoping to try out more of the local specialty cuisines, but despite my best efforts, there's not much variations to the offerings from their southern counterparts. or maybe its just that i didnt try harder..... part 3, THE OUTBACK!!!!!

stay tuned...