Friday, November 23, 2007

The People’s Parliament

You pay taxes all these years (that’s true even if/when you are not working, because all goods and services you consume- unless smuggled - are taxed) and therefore you deserve a better country.

You deserve the rights, freedom and dignity as a human being.

You deserve a legitimate, responsive and competent government.

You deserve a political system that is not rotten, where judges and ballots are not for sale.

You deserve electoral reforms.

You must register your desire for a better Malaysia so that the Government know you mean business.

You can do so in any creative way, but two things are vital.
You must do it in public. You must document it in images, words or both.

Therefore, eating a banana alone at home and complaining is not political. Getting 20 friends eating bananas at a bus station and chanting BERSIH for one minute, and having this photographed and blogged, will be very political, and for those of you who are worried, safe. Forwarding this message and inviting more friends to join this cause will also be political and safe.

You can change Malaysia in your very own way. No effort is too small if you mean it. All Malaysians, including the future generations, will one day thank you for that.

Do something. You deserve a better country. And the country deserves and needs an empowered citizen in you.

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