Thursday, September 6, 2007

busy busy busy....

sorry guys..cant write as much as i like as often as i wish i could. extremely busy. and extremely frustrated with some things that are unfolding at work.

i'm keeping myself entertained by watching stephen chow's movies compilation DVDs. rm49.90 for 6 cheap is that! and also the '24' series which i recently completed downloading. 24 is some good shit.

heading back to kl for the weekend. kinda need a reprieve from work obligation. boozing is always happier in kl, despite the $$$$. maybe its with buddies. maybe its just me.

i'm reading this book "winning" by jack welch, a living legend of a ceo. its a good book on management. so many people i 'know' should read this, and have a good review on themselves in their present capacities.

watched 'evan almighty'? the primates opposing the screening of this movie should be sent to oprah winfrey + dr phil therapy combo. its not the best movie ever made, but it carries so much subtle messages about humanity. i absolutely love the phrase "when you pray for courage, does god give you courage or the chance to be courageous?"


yc said...

i think i no nid read ur blog d. kekeke...u told me all d updates when we talk on d phone~ wakakaka. exactly d same. my comments also d same. wakakkaa

sheon said...

do i know you, yc?