Monday, September 15, 2008

Malaysiakini - 15th September 2008

Pengerusi Masjid Bandar Kinrara, yang menerima petisyen membantah penggunaan pembesar suara untuk beberapa kegiatan agama, bersetuju dengan tindakan kerajaan menggunakan Akta Keselamatan Dalam Negeri (ISA) ke atas exco kanan Selangor, Teresa Kok.

Abdul Rahman Nasir berkata, secara umumnya, perkara sensitif membabitkan agama "tidak boleh dimainkan".

"Perkara ini tidak boleh dimainkan. Terutama sekali di negeri Selangor ini, bukan saja (berkenaan) agama Islam, tetapi apa agama pun (tidak boleh dimainkan)."

Penahanan Teresa dipercayai mempunyai kaitan dengan petisyen sekumpulan 189 penduduk sekitar Seksyen 5, Bandar Kinrara yang meminta pihak masjid tersebut memperlahankan penggunaan pembesar suara untuk aktiviti keagamaannya.

Perkara itu bagaimanapun dinafikan oleh Teresa, yang juga ahli parlimen Seputeh.

Bercakap kepada Malaysiakini petang ini, Abdul Rahman bagaimanapun enggan memberikan komen lanjut berkenaan isu itu kerana pihaknya cuma sebagai penerima petisyen dan tidak tahu-menahu tentang perkara lain di sebalik isu itu.

Masyarakat Islam setempat pula, menurut Abdul Rahman tidak memberikan sebarang reaksi terhadap penahanan itu dan bertindak seperti biasa.

"Kita tidak ada apa. Sudah lama dah masjid ini dibina. Itulah, persoalannya, kenapa sekarang? Kalau tidak puas hati, pindahlah.

"Dari dulu lagi waktu hendak beli rumah, pelannya sudah ada, sini masjid, sini taman permainan. Kenapa dulu beli di sini?" katanya.


now listen to the new budding asshole talk. now this mutha, abdul rahman nasir says he supports the detention of YB Teresa under ISA.

hey abdul rahman nasir, what did YB Teresa do to warrant a detention under ISA??

"Abdul Rahman bagaimanapun enggan memberikan komen lanjut berkenaan isu itu kerana pihaknya cuma sebagai penerima petisyen dan tidak tahu-menahu tentang perkara lain di sebalik isu itu. "

you dont even know who is behind the whole petition against-the-masjid!!!!!! and you stand proud amongst your misleaded peers to condemn YB Teresa to ISA detention???? what if YB Teresa is innocent??? then will all of you pea-brains go to hell for it? its a BIG no-no in Islam to wrongly accuse and punish an innocent person, you know? you should know better coz i am a non-muslim.

you speak like a religious fanatic, why dont you go check yourself in the nearest lockup, and let the police put you on death row, just in case.


the police made a statement recently to clarify their recent actions of invoking the ISA almost at will against civilians.

"Ismail explained that the decision to use the security law, which provides detention without trial, was based on intelligence and observation that certain acts by the individuals concerned were detrimental to the well-being of the nation."

let me get this straight, the well-being of the nation is at stakes because RPK accuses some VVVIPs of committing crimes? without clearing the accusations of the alleged criminal behavior of our VVVIPs, you silence the person(s) who reported it. very just mr policemen.

" afraid, be very afraid...."

an ultra racist bugger ahmaid ismail, openly declared that Chinese are immigrants unworthy of citizenship in this country. *1st red flag*.
"...i catch all china dolls in penang then you know..."

then he warned Chinese not to emulate the Jews with wishful thinking of conquering the country *2nd red flag*, and consider this threat the last warning from his race. *3rd red flag*.
"... i hate jews for developing windows vista i tell you..."

he then refused to tone down his racial outburst against Chinese, and pledged to run around malaysia spreading his ideology so that all malaysians would regard Chinese as immigrants and should have no equal rights to survive in this country. *4th red flag*.

"i bring my macaque to KL and let him tear ongkating's portrait then you know..."

during one of his press conferences, he brought a macaque from the botanical garden of penang (this one pretty feisty...i hope he's neutered), and sent him to the walls to retrieve the portrait of uncle Koh, PhD in eunuchology, and proceed to tear it into pieces. *5th red flag*

"aaaaargh!!! i am 60 years old and still behave like an ape!!! broohaaahaa"

the macaque - a hairy nuisance common in penang
i hope the penang city council catch this creature soon before it starts wreaking more havoc

5 FREAKING RED FLAGS against this fler, and his statements were all only meant for one thing, and that is to incite HATE and FEAR. and where is our mr policeman?? oh, they're still investigating. what is there to investigate sherlock?!?!? you have hundreds of witnesses, and you have hundreds of journalists covering the ceramah!!!!

"...even the prime minister cannot touch me, i tell you..."

One journalist wrote about what the swine uttered, and quickly she was sent to jail under the harshest of all acts - ISA. one minute say she created racial disharmony, one minute say is to protect her from harm, one minute say just wanna interview her, one minute say wanna neutralize social threat, one minute say its the gomen's decision, one minute say the ministry knows nothing of it.........wah....make up your mind eh?

something is very very wrong with this country dont you think???


michellesy said...

It's gotten to the point where we should ask ourselves: is there even anything that's remotely right with this country? Anything?

I might be a little precipitate in saying this as I don't know you in real life, but Sheon, don't you think it's time to leave? This country doesn't deserve you.

sheon said...

michellesy: i would be lying if i told you i havent thought of leaving. in fact, my parents also has urged me to take some time off to consider migration. but, i think there is still some hope left for a better malaysia. and if malaysia is to become a better country, i want to be a part of it!! i want to be doing my part as a citizen to make MY country better! becoz ultimately this is MY country, MY home...

this 'hope' is the only leverage malaysia has in keeping me here. and the hope dies if the current ruling gomen stays in power for another 5 years.