Thursday, September 25, 2008

donation drive for SRJK (C) PUMPONG, Alor Star, Kedah, Malaysia

a small chinese primary school at the edge of Alor Star City, Kedah.

SRJK (C) Pumpong

i was a student of this school from 1988-1993.
i love this school, and i love the memories she has brought to my life.

the teachers that taught me were the greatest.
the canteen served some the most memorable food i've ever had!!! seriously,
i swear i could still remember how the nasi lemak tastes like,
the lor mee, and this special sotong+rice in assam broth dish....

and how i was class monitor for the whole 6 years i was there!!!

SRJK (C) Pumpong has always been close to my heart, ever since i left her in 1994.

here comes the sad part......

She was pronounced unsafe for inhabitants in 2006 for being in a critical stage of termite infestation.
the whole school was promptly evicted,
and she was left to decay.

a foster school was hastily identified,
and the entire school population is temporarily occupying a 4-storey block of a wawasan-school.
optimizing the single block that is allocated to her,
media room, bilik sumber, computer room, etc have to be sacrificed to be classrooms to accommodate the students.

despite all the setbacks and difficulties from the eviction.......
education never stops in pumpong.....
(and will never stop!!!)

RM3.5million is desperately needed for the construction of the New Pumpong.
a suitable piece of land has already been acquired to build the new 24-classrooms Pumpong!!
so the citizens of Pumpong can have a new place to call home.
and quality Pumpong education can be resumed!!!

months of hard work and perseverance from the teachers and management of Pumpong have brought in a donated sum of RM1.0million.
education department+MCA have pledged a combined amount of *RM500K.
and an upcoming charity-concert is expected to rake in *RM1.5million.
(*with fingers crossed)

still some distance to cover of what is actually needed.

my dear friends, my dear readers from all over malaysia and the world.

i will not ask for DONATION from you if this is not something very close to my heart.
but the very survival of my alma mater is in doubt here.
and i'd pledged to do all that is within my capability to make sure SRJK (C) Pumpong will finally see it through her current distress, and have a new place to call home.

Should you feel like donating any amount, any sincere amount at all, please find the details at the bottom of this post. Otherwise, please help by spreading the word around your community, that SRJK(C) Pumpong lives.

SRJK(C) Pumpong Charity Drive Website

All donations by cheque, please make payable to :
SJK(C) Pumpong (Pembinaan)
All donations by bank transfer, please make to :
UOB A/C 3-173-002-683-6 (SJK(C) Pumpong)
*please mail in your bankslip to school address for official receipt (tax deductible)

should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to leave your questions (or suggestions) in my comment box, or you can email directly to the school at :

lets all do our part in helping chinese education survive!!!


Jwan Heah said...

hmm.. i come from a SRJK(C) as well.. and will be organizing an event for a client in Alor Star next week... worth a thought to bring up this and see if the client is willing to support such a cause.. wishful thinking but worth a mention.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the appeal Sheon. I'm glad that you love your school so much and are helping to raise fund for the school. I thank you on behalf of the school.

sheon said...

jwan: hi there fellow pumpong-ian!!! hey, all Great Accomplishments started out with wishful thinking. Einstein didnt wake up one day and say, " that the General Theory of Relativity floating in my head?".......
so, i wish you luck...and lets find some more money for Pumpong!!!

anon: hi there!! its the least i could do for an institution that has helped me in shaping my future!


Hi Sheon,
Do you mind I post this on our blog?


We are short of English articles on our blog for the English educated readers. Hope you allow us to post this.

sheon said...

sjkc pumpong: it would be a great honor to have you reproduce my article in any way you see fit. thank you.

sjkc pumpong said...

Thanks Sheon. I'll post it as soon as possible. Hope you give us your comments on our blog. Feel free to visit us at school or on blog. Thanks for your support.


Hi Sheon,
Do you mind if I quote your full name or nick name?

sheon said...

sjkcpumpong: either one would be alright. i shall drop by the school's blog periodically to check for updates. cheers!

Anonymous said...

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