Friday, September 12, 2008

is my beloved country DOOMED???

it is confirmed at the time of print that RPK and the reporter from sinchew daily are arrested under the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA).

ok, before i proceed further. for the uninitiated, ISA is an act which allows the government to arrest and put a person which the government regards as a threat to national security. detention under this barbaric act will basically sever your ties to the outside world. you will be barred from legal counsel, simply because there there will be no trials in court. the extent of your stay in the jail is at the mercy of the Home Minister & Prime Minister.

the ISA was initially conceived as a way to combat the insurgencies of the communists many many years ago. then our ruling coalition finds this act damn useful to curb the rise of the opposition political figures. it is like a gift from the Heavens for the warlords in the coalition to 'kill' off their opponents without getting their hands dirtied.

hence, this act is a very very powerful act. and now it's been so grossly abused!!!

RPK has always been the most vocal of all anti-UMNO activists. he runs the most famous blog in malaysia, that exposes so much of the misdeeds of the UMNO led gomen that puts the local friendly traffic policemen to shame. mind you, malaysia-today has readers in the MILLIONS all over the world!!! it's readership base puts the-star, nst, and all other mainstream gutless media to shame.

the gomen are always finding ingenious ways to shut malaysia-today. some are utterly stupid, like going to his house and confiscating his PCs and laptops, but some are just downright brainless. like blocking the access to malaysia-today. mirror sites were quickly set-up, and malaysia-today is back in business again within hours (i think). other than violating the MSC pledge of not censoring the internet, it clearly shows how utterly stupid and delusional our policy makers are.

i dunno much about Islam, but i sure know Islam prohibits their believers to cheat, to bribe, to lie, to steal, etc....... hey, arent all these behaviors apparent in the everyday conduct of our coalition leaders? who doesnt know our politicians are corrupt? who doesnt know our politicians abuse their power for their own benefit? the last time i checked, any one of these misdeeds warrants a big big DOSA in the eyes of Islam. and UMNO wants to be the authority to talk about Islam?....nah. its like asking a group of pedophile run a childcare center themselves.

and RPK was detained today for insulting Islam and their Holy Prophet in this article.

however, RPK being detained by our useless gomen is very much anticipated. honestly, none of his loyal readers were a bit shocked to learned about his arrest. i was only surprised at the timing of the arrest. when the world is watching, while the stupid gomen makes blunder after blunder after blunder, the gomen lifted their sarong to show their wee-wee. hey, what more can i say.

now this ahmad ismail chap, arsehole of the grandest order & low life of the lowest caste. ok, he made a statement that sent ripples of fire across the nation.

but hey, wait...wait...he is not wrong you know?? we chinese are pendatangs, our ancestors did come from the mainland in search of a better life. but hey, didnt ahmad ismail's ancestors also came from india many generations ago???

now, ahmad you prick, dun you go deny that you are a mamak. mamaks are mamak, just like a hokkiens are hokkien, and kelabits are kelabit. be proud of your blood and heritage!!! mamaks are indian muslims. and arent ancestral indians in this country originated from india??? so technically, you are also a pendatang!! hey, group hug everyone!!!

but lets go deeper into this anthropology thing. it is believed that so many years ago.....humans appeared on the face of the planet (adam-and-eve or evolution? thats a different story altogether), but only at a few locations in this primitive world. then humans migrated, some moved north, some east, some west, some south......and formed civilizations and warring states and empires and dynasties and middle earth. it is this migrating pattern of humans, that has made us who and what we are. we share a common ancestor, either by adam & eve or theory of evolution, the fact is we share the same ancestors!!! we are all migrated to this land. and who are you to call us immigrants?!?!

but now comes the funny part.

1st - bastard makes the insensitive remark that gets everyone excited.
2nd - then hordes of people demand for an apology which he refuses to make.
3rd - sleeping beauty says he will ask ahmad-ismail-the-faggot not to repeat it again.
4th - C4 says sorry on ahmad-ismail-the-curr's behalf.
5th - people insist ahmad-ismail-the-maggot apologize himself which again he refuses.
6th - he warns chinese not to push it or they will retaliate. sends ripples of WTF across country.
7th - UMNO slaps ahmad-ismail-the-tapeworm on the hand and suspends him for 3 years.
8th - ahmad-ismail-the-residue-shit-on-the-toilet vows to go on a national tour to spread his philosophy of race supremacy
9th - the journalist that reported the insensitive remark is detained under ISA for reporting what ahmad-ismail-the-satan said about chinese.

if the remark that ahmad-ismail (i ran out of profanities to use against this guy) was so threatening to the national security, so threatening even the person that reported it can be arrested under ISA, why wasnt he arrested under ISA at the first place?!?!

****as i am typing this, i just learned that YB Teresa Kok has been arrested under ISA as well. for what reason is still unknown to me. ****

if Pakatan Rakyat doesnt topple the gomen soon..... i solemnly declare that i would be looking for another country to call my home.


michellesy said...

It's enough to give you a stroke everytime the gahmen does something so insanely stupid.

I swear, some days I wonder how Malaysia survived being ruled by this bunch of ham-handed, obtuse village idiots -_______-

homeless pigpig said...

oh where you wanna spend the rest of your life? any preferred countries? remember to take me along !!!!

sheon said...

michellesy: insanely stupid is an understatement. hahahaha.... well, lets hope the new generation of leaders will improve things.

homeless pigpig: take you along? where?