Monday, September 8, 2008

agriculture study trip my ass

it takes 49 Members of Parliament (MP) to fly all the way to taiwan, to learn how to grow plants?
and so that they can debate the national budget better. ah right.

hey, wait a minute......

we have an automotive policy right?
why dont we send, say 50 MPs to germany to learn how they make cars.

and say, another 50 or so to australia to see how they market gold coast as a tourist destination.

and since they're on a rampage, i suggest we send 50 to russia to learn how they make vodka.

50 to US to see how they polish the statue of liberty.

seeing china emerged as the latest sporting nation, lets have 50 MPS fly to china to see how theyproduce world class athletes.

hey, belgium has nice flowers.
lets send 50 there as well. they might come in handy in cameron highland.

japan? yes please, lets have all the male MPs go there and learn how they shoot porn.
maybe skinner might be interested to blow up a few with his C4?

ah, how can we forget africa?
lets send the whole lot of BBC-MPs to africa to teach the apes there how to behave like apes.

lets see, the south pole!!!
some BBC-MPs dont have Datukship, no? why dont we send some to the south pole, and when they get back, they can be given datukship and nobody can dispute the award? smart?

then we have canada.
lets send 80, yeah, 80 coz its a large country to cover and our MPs might get lost. lets send 80 there to learn what is there to be learned so that we can send another 120 there to learn what was deemed worthy of learning by the initial 80.

and last but not least, lets send some of the more vocal ones, like YB bocor, YB terowong, YB son-in-law, YB keris, YB beruk, and the likes, to saiful's ass hole.
maybe they'll find it comfortable there and might decide to stay there for good, and spare us malaysians from being ridiculed by the world.

and the rest of the BN MPs? oh no, they wont be left out!! most certainly wont!!!
coz i'd suggest we send them to aghanistan for target practise.

agriculture study trip?
learn how to trim saiful's bush more believable lah!!!!

1 comment:

bear said...

aiya... say what also useless la..
the main point is, they cannot withstand the food fasting, so they go to taiwan for food... esp those they are banned to eat here..