Saturday, April 5, 2008

penang penang...

in penang for the weekend.

only two things happen to me in penang. and none of either involves alcohol.

binge eating and hanging around.

people around me knows me loves food. food. and food. and for having a soft spot for assam laksa makes penang one of my favorite states to spend time in.

queensbay mall is the only mall in penang that passes my satisfaction benchmark. so, if its shopping or lepak-ing for me, it's gotta be queensbay mall.

some of my dearest friends call penang their home. and i shall call penang my political home. hehehehe..... god bless all penangites. and god bless penang.


bear said...

aimeh... blog at alex's home... so kut lat ar?

sheon said...

there is not a place that is not a good place to blog. just as long as there is connection. :)