Wednesday, April 30, 2008

from my recent penang trip

authorities are on full assault to attract more visitors to malaysia, welcoming everyone the chance absorb all the splendors this magnificent country has to offer.

and then you have absurdities like this still ......

hey you people sitting there at your thrones in the tourism all stupid one ah??? people work on weekdays and off on sundays one lar, dumb ass(es)!!!

on a separate note, what do you call a huge bird with a monster-dick sticking out from it's head?

like this....

" hey ma, i spotted a dick-head!!!!"


michellesy the amused said...

That bird statue is just. so. wrong. WRONG.

I wonder if it was the creator's idea of an inside joke ala hmmm-let's-see-if-anyone-notices-I-placed-a-phallus-on-his-head =D

sheon said...

michellesy: hahaha.....exactly!