Wednesday, April 16, 2008

chick flick

chick flick day this coming sunday. watching definitely maybe. being tinki's brainchild, i cant possibly say no, can i? that chick is garang. hahahahhaha........

talking about chick flicks, i highly highly recommend "sex is zero". its a korean movie, its not a recent movie, in fact i think it's at least 5 years old. this movie is undoubtedly my favorite korean movie. not that i watch alotta korean movies or dramas...but..still..i think "sex is zero" is great! got some minor nude scenes, but that doesnt distract the context of the movie as a romantic comedy.

oh yeah, i'm transferred outta the god forsaken town of gurun, to the regional HQ in alor star. the people here are great. office people and the townsfolk...gonna miss my days here.

but one thing i hate, really really hate is that some irresponsible traders are treating us like people mah....constructing massive infrastructure project not to treat like cash-cows? especially when it comes to food. we used to pay for rm2.50 for a generous helping of chap-fan (econ rice), but now have to pay for rm3.50-4.00. still bearable, but i think its not ethical lor. these people have tunnel vision when it comes to business.

wanted to purchase a laptop. was seriously scouting for a power one. sweetie-pie linora strongly insisted that i look up the xps series, which i did, and fell in love with instantly. i made some calls to dell, and got a great bargain for 1 customized 2.4C2D, 3GB ram, full spec 15" screen, and a 256mb dedicated graphics card, and all the standard sugar and spices....rm4545!!!! bargain or not?!!!??.........

alas, my kiamsiap-ness kicks in. and i negotiated myself to settle for ....nothing. extra cash in my pocket is better than one kick-ass machine with no extra cash in my pocket. there goes another rm4545 into my buy-myself-a-lamborghini-reventon fund. with another rm9,995,455 to go, the effort is rapidly gaining pace..........

entry on my most recent penang trip next.

p/s: ada siapa yang ada pergi ke tiesto mia parti next month?


bear said...

go for it la
4545 to get such laptop... very good deal...
i'm single again after next month..

michellesy said...

I thought Definitely, Maybe was a great watch, although I usually shun chick flicks - not very feminine of me I know! =)

The storyline was interesting without being overly-cliched and Abigail Breslin was her usual whimsical self.

pamsong said...

Smart. Cannot not go. =p

Simon Seow said...

Cash is King.

Working on Sunday, sorry can't join.

sheon said...

bear: gotta set my priorities first. a bargain is always out there when you look really hard.

aiyoh..why single again? whats wrong?

michellesy: i love watching chick flicks actually, for its uncomplicated-ness and happy endings. however, i'd usually pick a big budget movie over a chick flick to watch in a cineplex. i read some favorable reviews for definitely maybe...looking forward to it. :) cheers!

pamsong: garang is here.

simon seow: too bad. :) makan session next time lar. hi-5!!

pamsong said...

Haha. Ish.

Ah Beng is going for Tiesto. =p

sheon said...

pamsong: ah beng..right. sigh.. all reasonably priced hotels are taken up liao.... dunno if this plan's gonna materialise or not..

Aronil said...

bear: it is a good deal isn't it :) I got mine round that price but only 2gb RAM..

Go buy it la!!Besides it's a good investment, you never know how it's gonna work out to make u earn some bucks :P

and miss pam plays garang only.. she ain't that garang :P

bear said...

come on man... get it la...
semi-pro blogger d... no laptop how to blog up to date?? :P hehe...
wei... call up that dell guy... ask if he can offer better price since it is still PC Fair season...

aronil, yes it is a good bargain.. should get it man... i always look for the best spec with lowest price, so i got myself a benq last year(dell havent switch their platform to santa rosa at that time)..

pamsong said...

ATTN: Aronil
– Eh, don't bocor my secret can???

sheon said...

anoril: i know its a good deal. have extra cash in my pocket feels better.... :P
ms pam?...hahahahahaha....sked

bear: you have real pro bloggers with awards and shits here, and you call me a semi pro ah?...paiseh man...i'm not even in the division2 league lah...hahahahaha

pamsong: what secret? siao ah?

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Elle said...

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