Sunday, March 30, 2008

tagged by aronil..........(you monster)

whoop-dee-doooooo....i got tagged. i got tagged.

things you MIGHT want to know about sheon. lemme see......

satu : "sheon is f@cking sked of spiders" is an understatement. sheon is arachnophobic. to see sheon squeal like a little possessed girl, and flee like a headless chicken?...throw a spider at him, the bigger the better. large bugs and insects that are not so common in the house might also do the trick, but not as effective and noisy.

hey.....i am not suppose to be telling you little devils this, am i?

dua : sheon loves shoes. bags. jackets. food. sports. and stuff. that's why sheon makes a good shopping partner for his many she-buddies. and it's no wonder sheon has many she-buddies, on top of his many many he-buddies.

on the last count, sheon has about 10 pairs of shoes...that are active in duty. sheon is anticipating on a rapid expansion to that figure by the end of this year.

tiga : sheon is a free-thinker. but not an atheist either. he thinks there is a greater force beyond human comprehension, and beyond the reasoning of science. however, sheon thinks it is not necessary to commit himself to one religion to believe in what he believe. or simply, he hasn't found his calling yet. but he likes to read on religion..the practices, the cultures, and the histories. ...and of coz....the conspiracy theories.

empat : sheon loves construction. everything construction. little sheon found his calling when he witnessed a school project in front of his house. from a humble piece of flatland in alorstar, into a massive school building in matter of months. that intrigued him greatly. one thing led to another, fate and destiny has led sheon into his current capacity of a senior executive in an international construction giant at a fairly young age of 25.

lima : sheon loves artsy-fartsy stuff. sheon was an active promoter and advocate of classical music to his fellow uni-mates. he arranged many student visits to the philharmonic orchestra hall. once, he was awarded with a balcony seat, for the evening of waltz pieces by j.strauss II (sheon's favorite). he felt like a king that evening. sheon thinks paintings are nice too.

enam : sheon had only one romantic relationship in his life. quite contrary to popular belief that is. this mis-perception of sheon has started ever since he was in high school. reasons because sheon was in this small but powerful clique that has it's influence in every level of school politics. everybody knew us by name (we werent bullies, please, we hated bullies and we were sorta like the anti-thesis to bullying). a few members gained notoriety for being players. somehow this image got on to sheon, and it stuck. summore sheon was way slimmer back then and a star athlete all the way through university, quite hemsem one also.
sheon believes a relationship should only start if there is true feelings for each other. there must be mutual respect, understanding, loving, trusting. IF indeed true love is dead in this world, then chances are sheon would end up alone, alas.

tujuh : the only food sheon doesnt eat, are food that are illegal, or deemed illegal by sheon. sheon will not purchase sharksfin soup. however will consume it if served, but not without protesting. *scratches head.....what am i saying???.....well, you get the point.*
sheon likes peanuts, but he doesnt agree with them being served with nasi lemak. sheon loves cheese, bitter chocolates, japanese, steak, vege..............okok..sheon just loves food lar.

lapan : sheon loves his family most. enough said.

sembilan : sheon loves reading. but is horrible at language. loves chinese culture, but hates reading chinese characters, coz its too difficult to master, doesnt really speak good chinese at that too. loves english literature but sucks at it. loves western cultures and philosophies, but hates white-supremist ideology. loves japanese girls but hates japan's wartime history.

sepuluh : sheon loves pets, animals, and all fauna. used to have chickens, ducks, dogs, tortoise, fish, rabbits for pets (all at one time). now sheon has 2 dogs. contemplating on getting a big-ass aquarium ecology for a miniature fishy-fishy. oh yeah, sheon talks to his pets. he sometimes thinks they actually understand him.....sheon's pets are bi-lingual.

there you go linora. thanks for the tag. hahahahahahahahahaaa


Aronil said...

Hahaha i loved how you first used aronil then linora at the end :P See you like to be tagged!! What i love about it is now i know a bit more about u in short hehe.. cool cool. I'll put a spider in your food next time.. ooooo wait i didn't mean to say so loud :P

sheon said...

spider in my food...right.... go look up 'banana spider' at wiki. i used to frequent bkt tinggi a couple of years ago....that place had soooo many of those spiders!!! i would be sked to get near trees and bushes, sked to go into shower without checking the shadows, ...argh!!! but now, miraculously, all of the spiders are GONE!!!! i wondered what happened to them? why dont we go up bkt tinggi one day..coming to think of it. i love that place.

Anonymous said...

your ego simply astounds me

sheon said...

anon: it astounds me too!! hi-5!!

bear said...

typical pisces... hehe..

sheon said...

yeah man....that hoRRorscope thingy pretty scary....

michellesy said...

# 1: What about cockroaches? 0__0 Are they not the bane of all mankind, for those creatures can smell fear! FEAR! I am only saying this because a cockroach landed on my the year I was six and...clung on. I haven't recovered since.

# 7: I have similiarly ambivalent feelings about sharksfin. Heh - call it the war between my conscience (it's so cruel - how would you like it if someone slaughtered you by chopping your fins off and leaving you to drown on the ocean floor?) and my gut (aiyo, people order alredi, eat and don't waste it damn expensive you know!). Tis a losing battle -___-

#10 Holy hell - Old Macdonald's farm is it? 0__0 you must have had a jolly big yard to be able to fit a menagerie that size in

sheon said...

michellesy: its a pleasure to see you here :)

yeah...cockroaches. i had the same thing happened to me.
my house rocks eh?! but that was when i was a kid lar, and staying in the old house.