Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cindy for Malaysian Dream Girl 2008

say hi to cindy.

now, for the uninitiated, there is this reality show called malaysian dreamgirl in the running. you can look it up at . its sort of like america's next top model, but on a smaller scale.

the unique thing about this program is that, you only get to watch it on the internet. and to really spice things up, two of my favorite bloggers are competing for the grand prize of rm1billion contract with ford models and versace and louis vuitton and gucci...and..and........ok, crap. i dont actually know what is the grand prize other than there's a car to be won, and some fashion contracts lah.

ringo of on the left, and cindy of on the right.

both are my blogging friends, and both are sizzling hot. and i think both are good to go for the top spot in malaysian dream girl. here lies my dilemma: who gets my votes?

my honest answer will be.....cindy.

i think cindy has the look. that special look that sets her apart from the other hotties. i think her physique is well cut out. however, i think fiqa has the best body (and curves) of the 12 finalist, its just that i think she lacks versatality in the expression dept. cindy is pretty smart, dont let her bimbo-ish inclined blog misguide you. she holds a degree in comtemporary art or something.. (hehehe....i am an i dunno the difference.)...and she was an Ace student in her school. (there's so much to learn from reading her blog)

now. she needs to work on her catwalk, and pace herself properly. she needs to try to tame down her eagerness to bring-sexy-back. and she needs to know how to work on her poses to capitalize on her stronger features.

one of my favorite shots of her.

and my most favorite picture posted on her blog. (save it and use it for your wallpaper)

now, just go and pay a visit. (shhhhhh......there's even a behind the scene lingerie photo session that'll bleed your nose)....... and if you think cindy should win it, like how i think she should, just send in your votes............

to vote, send DREAM 03 to 33001

*each vote costs rm1.00 (yes, i agree its a tad expensive...but....)


*and to you too ringo.......... :) *


Aronil said...

wow.. talk about full on advertorial. I really find it hard to say on which girl will make it, but i hope that they all bring it and give some good competition to one another. :)

sheon said...


i think the cindy, ringo, and fiqa will be the top 3 lar.

Anonymous said...

hihi...remember to vote Cindy before Monday midnite....get as much vote as u can..really wish to see her in Top 3...

Have a nice day!!