Monday, May 19, 2008

sheon's 15 weird facts....

like i'm not weird enough already, my fellow DGMB member wants me to disclose more disturbing facts about me. go to and flood him for me please.

1. mozzies : sheon hates mozzies so freaking, he enjoys hunting them down, and squashing them into pulp.

2. sleeping : sheon just enjoys sleeping late. tired or not....there is no sleeping before 12.00 midnite. oh, but sheon sure enjoys his sleep!

3. addiction : many enjoys a ciggy after a hearty meal. sheon enjoys a good serving of cold water. its not healthy, i know....but at least its better than a ciggy rite?

4. fantasy : sheon likes to fantasize of becoming the prime minister of a country....*a-malaysia-hem*. hey, there's no way i am dumber than him ok?

5. joker : sheon just likes to make people laugh. be a jester? so be it. he likes it when people around him are laughing and happy.

6. shopping : sheon's a loyal practitioner of retail-therapy. when sheon is feeling down, he likes to buy stuff and also...go on binge eating.

7. depression : sheon was suffering from depression not too long ago.

8. food : among the must-try in my list, truffles, premium caviar, and saffron.

9. love : tragic. nuff said.

10. soft spots : laksa, rare prime steak, shoes, nice chicks, animals, eggs, coffee, tea, cold beverages, caeser salad, sashimi, oysters, mushrooms, soup, fruits.......and the list goes on.

11. reading : sheon likes reading for fun, but not reading for assignments and exams.

12. record : sheon attained his driving license legally, within a month from registration for driving lessons.

13. morning : what better way to start your mornings than letting go a good loud fart when you wake up.

14. violence : sheon hates violence. despite his size advantage, he's never hit anybody before or participated in any fights before.

15. singledom : two conflicting thoughts in sheon's head - sheon enjoys being single for its absolute freedom without any commitment; however, sheon really hopes to find a nice decent girl to start a new life with.

so, there you go. and for setting my sights to win the nobel peace prize next year, i shall not tag anybody.


Aronil said...

U seem to always kena the tag thing haa. be flatter :P people wanna know more about u hehe. On another note, i'm glad you admit to retail therapy! Hah men out there.. see this is a REAL MAN!

sheon said...

Aronil: hahaha....that hwei ming tagged everybody of DGMB lah. hey, retail therapy is FUN okaaay??!! buy paying back credit card is the pain lah. ehehe

Choo Hwei Ming said...

aronil... DO the tag le... I wanna know about everyone!! wahahha...".

michellesy said...

#3 - It is MOST definitely healthier than having a cigarette =) But why is it unhealthy to have a drink of cold water after a meal? Is it because it dilutes the digestive juices?

#6 - Woo-hoooo! I'd like to practice retail therapy too, but boh lui lah. But the binge eating, yes, I am loyal practitioner, to the great horror of my GP and the detriment of my cholesterol levels =(

#7 - Are you alright now? *hugs*

#9 - Sigh. I am starting to think that all love is tragic, particularly when my friends' relationships are imploding all around me =(

#12 - Don't tell me that, now I feel even more....pathetic T__T
I confess I 'kopi-duit-ed' to get my Msian license, and now that I've resumed driving in Australia after a 8 year hiatus, the results have been interesting (and scary, but I prefer interesting) =D

#15 - I think something has to tip the balance. Is the freedom worth coming home to yourself every day? Or does the freedom give you space to be yourself, without being compromised by the demands placed on you by a partner?

sheon said...

michellesy: you're really sweet :) *hugs*....

#3-they say cold drinks would cause the fats from the consumed food to coagulate and blah its bad. hahaa...but i dun care lar...i just need my cold drinks every now and then!

#6-well, i'm lucky my cholestrol level is still healthy despite being overweight. i need to shed 15kgs to be ideal.

#7-i'm fine now. :) thanks

#9-there are many ppl that take relationships lightly.

#12-it's ok.... :) cant actually blame ppl to kopi-duit the officers; since it's a norm nowadays if you dun pay, you dun pass.

#15-actually, i really wish i could have someone to come home to. i'd happily trade part of my 'freedom' in exchange of love.