Wednesday, May 14, 2008

prescription for a stressed-up workaholic -- TIESTO!!

yeah, my blog desperately needed updating. i know you guys have been looking at RPK's face for the past 1-2 weeks, and getting pretty bored of him.

but here's the problem. my current team is severely under-staffed. i should have at least 6 engineers to assist me in my work, and at least 10 supervisors to delegate my responsibilities to. now, my team is running at full pace with only half of the resources that should be allocated to us. until backup arrives, i will prostitute myself to my job.
my desk
all work and no play, makes sheon a dangerous man. fortunately for all, tiesto rocked away all my worries and work related concerns for the weekend, albeit temporary, but it felt awfully good.

let me just clarify first, that i am no clubbing mia kaki. i super hate going to ahbengs+ahlians filled joints, for i think those people belong to the seafood section in tesco. progressive,house, trance and dangdut means nothing to me but noise. and clubbing means nothing more than getting tipsy from overpriced drinks and checking girls out with a bunch of ham sap friends.

now, naturally the name tiesto doesnt ring any bell in my system other than getting me going, "now thats an awfully cool name to have"...... but a quick research on him tells me this dude's concert was something that i wouldnt want to miss........and oh boy, after the gig, i think i would probably have killed myself if i did!!!
two words aptly describe the concert, and whole party scene..... MULTIPLE ORGASMIC.
yes, i experienced multiple orgasms during the concert. and no, there was no sex-fest during the party, contrary to what the newspapers might have led people to believe. if there was a sex-fest, i would surely know. hahahahahaha.........
(the local newspapers are hopeless in delivering truths. here's truth for you, government controlled media SUCKS!!!)
okay...back to the party.
"2 Days of Freedom" it was called. We got our tix at rm78 and i thought i was a pretty reasonable price to pay for a international music fest. it was selling at rm113 at the party.

if this was the ticket to a sex-fest, i'd be very worried

cruising on the PD highway, after being caught in a stupid jam on the highway

our apartment beside the Corus Hotel, smells like a wet cupboard

getting ready to partaaaay the night away!!!

huge crowd, but was pretty orderly

getting prepared for the party, while waiting for tiesto to come on

as the clock struck midnight...the REAL party started.......

tiesto really knows how to work the crowd. the lightings, the pyrotechnics, the visuals, and the music,his music, aaawww....his music. he gets you moving to the beat of the build-up.....and just when you least expected it....WHAM!!! he hits you with the climax that brings euphoria to every single cell in your body. and leaving you wanting for more, every single time!! and then it goes again....and again....and again.

we were at the mercy of his music for 3 hours....
3 hours....pffffft....we could go on and on for EVER!!!!
if this is no multiple-orgasm to your senses, i dont know what is.

here's an idea for you BN, throw a tiesto concert in every state for free, i'm sure you'll manage to fish some youngster votes. hahahahaha.....losers.

my estimation puts the crowd at 15,000 strong. most people were in their most fancy beach wear. chicks in bikinis....*hi-5*!!! security was so tight, they even opened up cigarette packs at the entrance to sniff out weed and stuff. the ladies didnt get off so easily too as they got their bras frisked for......C4?

the venue was close to perfect. toilets were aplenty, and surprisingly well maintained. there was even a giant 'igloo' erected, for hot sweaty people to chill inside. beer was sold at rm12 per pop, and rm100 for a dozen.

there were actually 2 shows running simultaneously, one at each end of the venue. of course the main gig was tiesto lah. the other end was playing R&B...was more appealing to the younger crowd. we connoisseurs, go for the real deal.

the crowd was generally well behaved. everybody was just trying to have a good time, music and all. but of course i cant deny that there might be some kids under the influence of drugs. its bad, really. but do you condemn KL Pavilion and demand for it to close down if the authorities caught some kids getting their kicks in the basement parking?

ok, so some kids got so intoxicated they passed out in the open. riiiiight, so when is DBKL gonna seal off all the bars in heritage row?? what about jalan ampang?

and the allegation that the party promotes promiscuous activities?? why dont you go ban all movies, tv, internet, magazines, advertisements, commercials, goat farms....etc then?

yeah, couples might be all charged up for some loving action after the party. but hey, it's their choice, and it most certainly is not tiesto's! never during the concert, i hear ma man tiesto goes "hey kid, go fuck the chick beside you.".

why? why do they have to relate everything and every action we do, to having sex. sex. sex. and sex???
"ooooo...look at that, silky straight hair.....i'm thinking of wanting to have sex with her..."
WHAM!! advertisement showing women's hair is banned.
"ooooo...look at that couple, holding hands in the public. they are promoting casual sex...."
WHAM!! holding hands in public is condemned.
"ooooo...look at the girl's's bringing out the rapist in me......"
WHAM!! every pair of titties on prints and tv are blurred.
like wtf? go be an eunuch you fucking idiots.
ok, ok. got a little carried away. hahahaha......
well, anyway. to conclude my report on the tiesto rave party......


yapthomas said...


Nice report you have here..
But with the news.. it's just stupid news..

sheon said...

yapthomas: TIESTO rawks eh??

the news...hmmm....would you expect anything more from idiots?

michellesy said...

Tiesto is the bomb - kudos that you managed to score tickets! =)

And I have to say, doing something atypical on your days off helps to get rid of a ton of work-related stress. A change is as good as a holiday hey? =)

ps: What 0___0

pps: Hope your job's stressing you out a little less?

sheon said...

michellesy: yeah man...of all the concerts i've been to, no one comes close to tiesto's.

however, this concert has attracted some negative publicity, you know lar..there're so many ultra conservatives still in this society. on a witch hunt to find reason to condemn this party/concert. and how the report came out gives the impression that the rave party was a venue for drugs and free sex.

it doesnt help the job less stressful, however, it gave me the space to totally forget about work and party like a rock star. hahaha

hey, you should attend a rave party like tiesto's. :)

Aronil said...

wahh i didn't know u clubber le. Destressed now :P ?

sheon said...

Aronil : me not much of a clubber lar. i'm just there to choop the tables; help AA the booze; pretend to be bodyguard; and help bail friends outta trouble.