Saturday, August 30, 2008

BN, go fly kite lar.....

Barisan Nasional. please for the sake of your own survival.....accept the truth, face reality, and go fly kite.

the more you resist, the more damage it'll do to your ownself. say bye bye to private jets and APs and istana zakaria for a while, and accept defeat gracefully.

the people of malaysia have rejected your administration.
so now quickly take a bow and leave the stage, and use the spare time to figure out how to keep your bank accounts secret.

the people have finally realized the power of democracy lies in their hand.
and the people want to give an alternative administration a chance to run this country like the way it should be.
if this alternative administration could not fulfill their promises to make malaysia a better country...........out they go in the next GE.

try to control the dissent by blocking a website, how stupid are you, really? instead of wasting time blocking an anti-gomen blog, why dont you spend the time looking for a brain on e-bay?

najib. sorry, YAB Najib. you think swearing on a Quran cant convince us that you're free from all the allegations thrown against you ah? you have the balls to swear in the name of Allah, why dun you use half the balls to appear in court to answer the allegations without handicapping the judiciary and making people disappear?

hey sleeping beauty, wake up lar abang oooi!!! people hate you lar, people despise you lar, people no want you to be our pm lar.......dont you get it?!

MCA ah peks oooooi.......unshackle yourself and break loose lar. oh wait, a dog is nothing without it's master. go eat your shit lar. want to represent malaysian chinese konon, its already an open secret that MCA is as corrupt and utterly useless than it's partner.
again, want to represent malaysian chinese konon, dont embarass us lar MCA....go fly kite lar.

MIC......ah neh Samy!!!!! you tak tau malu punya kah?!?! lu janji itu maika share mana pigi??
lu janji itu highway boleh bagus apasal retak lagi?? lu janji bagi duit kita orang bagi konsesi bikin highway, lepas tu mau bayar gantirugi dengan duit kita orang sama dia lagi apasal??

Gerakan.....number 1 clown in malaysia Dr Koh PhD (later he angry i dun address him as PhD holder)...........penangites threw you into the sea between island and jerejak already lar. you brought so much shame to penangites, people ridicule you cukup-cukup in their AGM, summore you go and defend them. what the fug is wrong with you?! tak dak chun-doi ah??!!
BN already think you are a liability, and the people think you are a lame clown......with all the PhD lar, Masters degree should know what to do lar........go fly kite lar!!!!!!

finally, to Barisan Alternatif........
you better do this properly, no violence, no riots.
kill racism. kill corruption. kill cronyism.
you made a vow to restore dignity to us malaysians.
we gave you the support and votes that you needed.
now, make us proud to be malaysians again.

otherwise, you can go fly kite also with the BN goons come next election.


bear said...

oh yeah baby~
the best entry i've ever read b4 merdeka day!!!

Simon Seow said...

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