Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lesser of Two Evils

paklala is a habitual liar.......

he lied about the general erection.
he lied about not humping his maid.
he lied about not increasing the price of our minyak tanah after having had his erection.
he lied about his extravagant gomen spending spree.
he lied about infrastructure planning.
he lied about his family's involvement in gomen contracts.
he lied about eradicating corruption.
he lied about eradicating cronyism.
he lied about gaining public trust in our pdrm sdn bhd.
he lied about cleaning up the judiciary system.
he lied about the national inflation rate.
he lied about cleaning up the gomen.
he lied about upgrading the public transport.
he lied about a more transparent media.

dsai is accused of sodomy......

ok, lets just say....dsai is a butt fucker. ok? just a presumption.

who would you rather have to run our country...???

a habitual liar who fucks with our economy and tax money?


a dude who fucks another guy's butt?

i don't know about you guys, but i couldn't care less about what hole he puts his dick in. as long as he doesn't put my money in his.


confused pigpig said...

but why this post is so hamsap? i dun understand political stories at all. do blog about ur thai trip ya that will be more suitable for me.

sheon said...

dear pig pig: well, i like to blog about political stuff. thats why there're quite a number of entries which cover political topics.

bear said...

i like sheon's political entries...

Simon Seow said...

Butt fucker is okay with me as long as it's not my butt.

sheon said...

bear: wow....thats too nice of you! but thank you. but usually i post excerpts from others which i think is good.

simon: so?..meaning you would fuck a butt?...hahahaa....just joking. coming back to the main issue. dsai is accused of buttfucking and was extracted like a hardcore criminal with an armed force big enough to wage war against a small country. whereas our beloved dpm is accused of cold blooded murder, and he was gets away without even giving a statement.

go figure.

michellesy said...

I really don't give a damn about a political figure's sexual orientation.

I mean after all, they're there to run the country, not to have others cast stones at them about who they're sleeping with.

So yeah, I'd agree with your viewpoint there. Having said that, Malaysia's laws are a little, antiquarian, on this point, don't you think? Since when is sodomy a crime with a jail penalty?

Keong said...

Heya.. linked to your blog from Yatz
Found this entry pretty hilarious.

Keep it nice and sharp like that dude ! hahah

sheon said...

guys..sorry for the infrequent updates and late response. was away for a bit, and usual...busy. hahaha....but i'm working on my chiangmai trip post. :)

michellesy: all i can say is malaysia has a funny way of running the country. the way most of our politicians (both ruling and oppo)is kinda, prehistoric. blame in unto ourselves for voting these people into office.

keong: hey, thanks for dropping by buddy!!! and thank you many times more for the compliment.... :) cheers!!!

michellesy said...

You went to ChiangMai? Lucky Sheon =)

ps: Are you really thinking of re-locating? Come to Down Under, come to Down Under! Can you tell I am (just a bit lah!) biased? Tis only an eight-hour flight away from Msia after all =)

I do agree with Su Ann, you should nix Dubai - the money's good, but the lifestyle, not so much so. And the weather in UK can be a bit iffy.

So yes, in Aus you get the best of both worlds. Plus, I'm pretty sure that you can name your salary with your qualifications and experience. Aus is definitely going through a building boom at the moment, so yes, it's looking pretty sunny for all manners of engineers =)