Wednesday, June 4, 2008


why are we 'burdened' with expensive fuel when we are a net exporter of crude petroleum, TOP GRADE petroleum.....?

why are we 'forced' into buying locally made cars of sub-standard quality at such a high price?

why are we 'forced' into paying for tolled highways which cause more headaches than helping solve them?

why are our highways, built with tax-payers money, maintained by tax-payers' money, earning buta toll money, still need to be compensated with tax-payers' money?? 

why is corruption so notoriously rampant, yet the gomen still have the face to deny it, let alone act on it?

why are gomen contracts are only 'given' to the 'privileged' few, yet they deny nepotism and cronyism exist?

why are citizens made to pay ridiculous amount of tax, yet we virtually get nothing in return?

why are there so many citizens still being denied of their citizen's rights for equal chances in this country they call home?

why are the politicians so stupid yet they still garnered controlling votes in the last GE?

why are we getting such low incomes, relative to our counterparts in other countries? ie, a design engineer in UK earns euro4,000 and she pays euro6,000 for an imported car: a design engineer earns rm3,000 in malaysia, and he pays for rm60,000 for a locally made car. where is the logic?

malaysia is made into a parody of a country, by the incompetency of the ruling party that we should have ousted in the last we pay....dearly. 


piggy said...

how could i email you?

sheon said...

piggy: well, if you insist...i can be reached at :)
but do spend more time here if you're free.......and drop by some of my fellow DGMB-ians' blogs as well!!

michellesy said...

The blogsphere is abuzz with this, for all the wrong reasons =(

Very little in Malaysia makes sense to me anymore and this is no exception - the current gahmen better pull its socks up and try and do a better job.

Anonymous said...

where is the opposition that voice out so loud before election?

sheon said...

michellesy: the current cant just TRY to do a better job, they MUST! or else this country is DOOMED!!

anon: i believe the opposition is still trying very hard to undo the wrongs committed by the ruling coalitian. i still have faith in them to fix this country.

Suz said...

just browsing.
eh..i was told that there will be another hike in august =(((
cis! bankrupt konon. if going bankrupt, might as well dont send some unrelated fella to the space la..

sheon said...

suz: hey there, thanks for dropping by.. :)

yeah...apparently they want to float the fuel price in august. i cant imagine the consequences from that. really.

the troubling fact is that not only you will have to fork out more for fuel....but all other necessities as well!!

some people (maybe even gomen) think, "hey...its only a 40% increase on fuel..its not gonna erode too much on your savings".. however, these people fail to understand that due to this 70sen increase in becomes costlier, utility bill becomes heavier, barang-barang all naik harga..... at the end of the day, you dont just conclude that the new fuel price is just gonna add to the monthly petrol bill only, but it affects all the other expenditures all well.

on a related issue, wonder how the gomen is gonna spend the additional rm56billion savings per year from stopping the subsidy (that is RAKYAT's money you know?)?are they gonna finance more white elephant projects? are they gonna bail out more underperforming GLCs? are they gonna send more canornauts for space holidays? are they gonna continue with their buta-spending? are they gonna buy more rollsroyces for the royal families? are they gonna use our money to help a tansri/datuk build more highways, and let the tansri/datuk collect more money from us? are we gonna continue paying such a ridiculous price for cars?

malaysia, a wonderful country...ruined by idiots.

Suz said...

boo hoo! so true. i dont stay with my parents and this is where the big problem lies. i have to pay every single thing myself from rent to utility bills to groceries! can die!!!

=( sigh... i thought that the election would change the way gahmen works. so naive!

narymama said...

i have a ''malaysia boleh'' t shirt. i should wear it out one day...theres a twist to it

sheon said...

suz: ah!! the dreaded utility bills!! but we are all held ransom by syabas/tnb/telekom arent we??....

narymama: oh should've worn it during the splash '08 and show your 'malaysia boleh-my ass' spirit!! hahaha....girl, get outta the country while you still can... :)