Thursday, February 14, 2008

vote with your conscience

what have the government done to education?
we still dream of overseas education; chinese and tamil schools still need private funding; universities still practise racial discrimination;

what have the government done to battle corruption?
ACA still are toothless without the power to charge BIG fishes; PDRM and government still deny police are corrupt; little napoleans still bermaharajalela across the country; even the judges in the highest court in malaysia are proven to be corrupt!!

what have the government done to improve security?
police were sent to disperse peaceful protesters instead of helping find missing kids; how to trust corrupt police running lock-ups and jails? how can we put our trust in police when whenever they wished, they can set-up mobile toll collection booth on the streets?

what have the government done to foster racial harmony?

racial sentiments being instilled into the minds of little kids; racial discrimination being incorporated into every aspect of our lifes (why differential treatment for bumi and non-bumi?); is an obsolete NEP still relevant today?

what have the government done to manage public funds properly?

mega projects with mega over-spending, everybody in construction knows you need to bribe to get certain things done, and the government is still in denial; why do the bandaran(s) always have to build stupid looking useless things that don't work all over town? do we need RM500,000 SMART toilets that costs RM0.50 per pee all over KL? why do we still have to pay obnoxious amount for toll, to use a private highway that was built using tax-loan, that is compensated by the hundreds of million annually using tax-money, that is always jammed- while the highway goes on making hundreds of million in profit every year?

a country's politics is not about whether you get to eat pork or not. it's not about whether you get a free dustbin for your premise. it's certainly not all about petrol subsidy.

yes, you cant possibly expect the government to subsidise every single thing from cooking oil, petrol, gas, etc. however, with improved effiency on the distribution of wealth, the government can improve the economy and help the rakyat AFFORD the inflation. instead of subsidising and creating an artificial sustainability. this is where i think the current government failed miserably! (well, actually i think the government failed miserably in almost every single department). i've always tell people this, and i reiterate again, we are poorer than we should because the money that belongs to us are in the wrong pockets! politicians, authorities, armed bodies...are all stealing money from us through corrupt practises. a bridge costs rm2,000,000 here in malaysia when the exact same bridge should only cost rm1,000,000 in say singapore. contractor had to inflate the price to feed-off officers from the authorities. tax payers had to fork out an additional rm1,000,000 that does not benefit anyone but the sinners and swiss banks.

"be happy with what you have, we are actually much better off than many developing countries" many times have you heard this statement??
what is the use of comparing ourselves with lesser nations?? how can we feel contended with saying we are living a better life than people in the third world countries? malaysia has so so much more to offer than just providing us with mediocre education, nasi lemak and roti canai. what about chasing wawasan 2020? what about becoming a developed nation?

BN was voted into power based on the premise that they will ensure peace, fairness to all, economic growth, curb corruption, etc. they have done some, ok...bravo. but shamelessly put up a facade to hide the true picture from the blissful ignorants, yet letting the rest of the nation suffer in its incompetence.


bear said...

"be happy with what you have, we are actually much better off than many developing countries"
the WE are actually referring the the group of THEM.. The WE doesn't include US...
WE are much better actually means, they are better bcoz their pocket is fatter that other developing countries maa...
Their pockets... not OURS...
You had misinterpreting the statement they've made laa...

angeles said...

Soli, din read everything that u wrote.

But I like loket lor... :P

sheon said...

bear: maybe i did....hahahahaha.....
we have eyes to see for ourselves, what is wrong with the current system, and be brave enough to change for the better.

angels: thank you for supporting. however, we must not blindly support a political party.